Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Haircut, carmel rolls and chocolates

Another beautiful day. Sunny, light breeze and about 69 degrees.
After coffee this morning and reading blogs it was time to get into the shower. I was barely out of the shower when Jessie came over. I trimed her hair. We chatted for a while and she invited us for carmel rolls and coffee once they were out of the oven.
I was doing my hair when the neighbor, Judy, came over with chocolates. They (her and Sid) made them yesterday. She wanted me to have some for helping her yesterday when she had laundry going and needed to help Sid with the candy. All I did was empty her dryer, fold the clothes and bring them back to her. The chocolates were/are so wonderful. Wonderful raspberry filling in some. Sid really knows how to make chocolates and I will appreciate every one of them.
After lunch Leroy came over to say rolls are ready. we were not very hungry since we just had lunch. Jessie brought out those rolls and they looked so good both Mel and I had to have one. The other camp hosts were also invited. A nice couple but I don't remember her name. His was Dave. We all sat around and talked and joked for awhile afterwards.
Back at the RV, Mel was reading. I went for a walk over to the other campground and back. Once I got back I read for awhile and then started dinner. Grilled hamburgers, fries,and pickles.
I got dishes cleaned up and now here I am.
We leave here tomorrow. Our 14 day limit is up. We will move to Fairview- Riverside SP for a week and we may come back here another 14 days. Leroy and Jessie want us to come back tomorrow night for a camp fire. ( New Years Eve)We may just do that since we are only a few miles down the road.
Stay well, be happy and smile

Monday, December 29, 2008

A whole bunch of nothing!!

It sure is hard to write something when we don't do anything! Well, we do stuff, but is talking to the neighbor of interest to you? Rather boring I'd say. I could talk about the weather. Sunday was cloudy all day with sprinkles on and off. Sunday night the rain came along with thunder and lightning. We got a total of 1 1/8 inch. We have small lakes all around the campground. The humidity has finally dropped. It had been at 96-98% and today was 58%. I actually had a good hair day. With the humidity I had wavey, stick em up curls and frizz. I wondered.... hmmm when did I get this bad perm? Thankfully it is back to normal.
Today I cleaned house and got the laundry done. Laundry is always a fun chore. They have 2 washers here. They are very nice when there are only 10 campers. With the campground almost full one almost has to take a number to get into the laundry room. I waited 45 minutes for a washer. Then another 20 minutes for the other washer. The people with the first washer decided to go dry the clothes at there daughter's house. The second one came back to empty the washer about 20 minutes after it was done. I had no problems getting a dryer. With laundry done and the house clean I thought I could finally sit down. It was 3:45 and Mel wanted dinner. Since we had a late breakfast we did not have lunch. So I started dinner. We brought a mix to make onion rings and decided to try those tonight along with Italian sausage. Those onion rings were so good. Not something we would eat a lot of,( not good for our health) but they were super.
Jessie and Leroy (our hosts) were over today. We leave here Wednesday because our 14 days are up. We will move to Fairview State Park just down the road for 7 days and then we will probably come back here for a while. We were discussing reservations with them and checking out different sites. We kinda like the site next to them. Gives a view of the whole campground and we can see what is going on. They want us to come back so we can all go out to dinner at Louie and the Redheaded Lady. It is closed till next week for the holidays. Sounds good to me. They have seafood..yum!
Tomorrow I will trim Jessie's hair. She saw me giving Mel a haircut and asked if I cut hair. I told her "Only in the movies!". Sounded good enough to her so I will just give her a trim tomorrow.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beignets,Fairview and Slidell

We ventured out today! We went to the farmers market. It is held on the Tammany Trailhead. Only produce we saw was grapefruit! The rest was all crafts. Nice crafts but I was not looking for them. We browsed about but did not purchase anything. On to Cafe De Monde and beignets! Oh they were so good! Fried dough puffs with lots of powdered sugar. Three bienets for 1.82. It was enough for both of us. A cup of coffee and we were set. On to the French Market. A produce store, along with shrimp, crawdads and all that other seafood stuff. Finally got some produce. Onions, grapefruit, pears and peaches. Nice sweet onions for making onion rings! Mmmmmm!
Stopped at Ace hardware to check propane prices. $3.33 with the tax.
Drove to Fairview State Park to check if they had openings starting the 31st. NO! We have been here for 14 days and need to move on the 31st. We didn't want to travel on a holiday so we thought we would move about 10 miles down the road to Fairview. Now what? Don't know!
We went Times Grill for lunch. Home of the world's best hamburger. Mel had a hamburger and said it was very good. I had a grilled chicken pasta bowl that was wonderful.
We headed back to the campground but drove past it. Mel drove to Slidell. We drove down by the bridge area that was hit quite badly by Katrina. It has been 3 years (and of course Gustav went through) and it still looks devastated! So many houses gone and so many being worked on. Yet, many lots and homes for sale. In the marsh area we saw boats overturned, an outhouse, and a car! I asked Mel if he could imagine coming home to nothing? He gave me a weird look. Oh yeah, we did that once! Our home burned down and all we had was the clothes on our backs. My heart really goes out to all the people here.
Time to go home. We got home and took a walk around the campground. Lots of famlies here and lots of kids on bicycles. Chatted with the hosts again.
I don't think we need dinner tonight. we ate far to much already today. Maybe just a salad.
Stay well, be happy and smile!
Oh, we went online and got a reservation at Fairview!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hot, humid and the guy next door

Another record day here. It was 80 again. High humidity and we get lots of fog.

Our Christmas was quiet. Christmas eve we watched tv. I grilled steaks for us for dinner. Christmas day we stayed home. We sat outside most of the day and read our books. Talked to the neighbors and the hosts. We were going to go and see the fires along the Mississippi on Christmas eve but it was so foggy we just stayed home. It is a cajun thing that happens along the river. I made ham, potatoes, yams, corn and rolls for our dinner. We talked to John and he was going to his friends later in the day. After dinner Mel watched tv while reading his book and I was on the computer. I went into an rv chat room. Quite interesting, Nice people. We hit the sheets around midnight.

Today was another quiet day. I cleaned up around the coach and put the Christmas stuff away. We had to empty our holding tanks so that was done. Took showers and then sat outside. Talked with the hosts again. About 3:00 the activity increased around the campground. More and more campers arriving. Mostly from LA and families. We had a 5th wheel pull in next us. When he was letting his slides out his brackets broke off the slide. First the front one, he stopped and while looking at what happen the other one broke off. It is a new 5 th wheel. He was not a happy camper. Later, Mel noticed he turned on his a/c and it made a lot of noise and off it went. I think they are having the camping trip from hell. I feel bad for them. He is outside now doing something with his propane tanks..again. Hmmm, poor guy!

I made meal-in-a-peel for us for dinner. It was so good. We still have cake left so we will have that later.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christ-mas NOT Present-mas

Merry Christmas!
Take time to remember the real reason for this holiday...the baby Jesus.
I saw this sign at a church and it says it all:

Christ -mas

How true is that?

Take time to enjoy your loved ones.
Don't get wrapped up in the wrapping paper.

Enjoy the day.
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Laundry, cookies and po boys

It was cloudy most of the day. Our high was in the low 60's. The humidity rolled in about noon.
After my shower I went and did laundry. Just 2 loads. Sheets and whites. Came back and cleaned the coach. Oh how exciting!
About 2 we went to the camp hosts site for cookies and cheer. I now know the names of the hosts: Leroy and Jessie. About 25-30 people were there at different times. We chatted with quite a few and learned of some and interesting spots to go to. We learned of a place that we can camp right on the beach of the gulf. It costs 70.00 a week. No hook-ups and you get 2 dumps and 2 water fill ups. I think we just may go and check it out. One couple we met have been full time rving for 29 years. (18 of which they worked, which involved travel in the rv) Quite an interesting couple. We also heard of some of the good places to eat in the area. One is a Po Boy place down the road. It made us so hungry hearing about it we had to go try it. We got a huge roast beef po boy for 4.99. I want to try the shrimp po boy next. The one we had tonight was delicious!
Again tonight we drove through some neighborhoods to see the lights. It was just after 5 so many were not on yet. I think tomorrow night we may go out again. That will give us something to do.
We are getting to know our way around Mandeville quite well I think.
Till next time.....
Merry Christmas my friends
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Monday, December 22, 2008

St Bernard Parish, cookies and cheer!

It was 33 when we got up and cloudy. Soon the sun pokes his head through and decided to stay. How sweet of him. We went exploring today. We drove down towards New Orleans but went east and into St Bernard Parish. Katrina had hit here hard and I believe this the area of much flooding also. After 3 years a lot has been repaired but many reminders still remain. We did see houses that still had the painted X on them. I forget what all went into the X but I do remember that the date it was searched was at the top, I think the right side told if any bodies, the bottom may have said if people were rescued. Now remember, I am not real sure on that or the order it was in. We saw homes with roofs gone, half a home and lots of debris. We drove in to check out St Bernard State Park. A nice park.They had many sites open. After we left the park we drove to Port Nickel, I think that was the name of the town, and we took the free ferry across the Mississippi. How cool is that! We drove north to Business 90 and went west into Westwego. We stayed in Westwego last 2 times we were here at the state park. We took 90 across the river again. We crossed on the Huey P. Long Bridge. A old bridge that scares the you know what out of me. It was not to bad in the car but, in the coach...Yikes! I did not like that. We stopped on the other side and ate. We had Raising Cane, which is a chicken strip fast food. The strips are the tenderloin part of the breast and are they ever yummie. We drove north and took the causeway across the Lake back to the northshore area where we are camped. We stopped for paper towels in Mandeville. That area is always so busy. On our way back to the campground we took a side road and went into neighborhoods to look at the lights. We saw some beautiful decorations. We like to drive around and see the Christmas decorations. When we got home we had note on the door from the host and his wife. They invited us over for cookies and cheer tomorrow afternoon. Sounds good to me. I am all for cheer. One of the homes we drove past tonight, a lady was out in the yard, and I was going to ask if we could come for Christmas dinner, but I was nice and didn't.
I did buy a ham to cook for us.
John seems to be improving a little everyday. I am always happy to hear from him and know that he is doing well. The closer we get to Christmas I get depressed. I always worry about John and his being alone. On Christmas day, later in the day, he does go over to a friends. I just get so sad thinking about him alone on Christmas eve and the day. I always want to stay home till after Christmas but we never do.
Tomorrow I think I will strip the bed and wash the sheets before we go to our cookies and cheer.
Till then..
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold front, groceries and a cake

It rained about 4 am for a half hour. It was cloudy when we got up and the temps were dropping. Our high today was 58. Right now it is 46. Tonight's low is in the 30's.
The host and his wife brought our paper over around 11am. After lunch I went for a walk. It was quite windy. When I came back the hosts wife was here and we talked for over a good hour. After she left Mel and I went for a walk. We decided to stay for 9 more days. They have a 14 day max here so that will put us at 14 days. We went to the office to pay and after that we went out for milk. Went for milk and came back with 6 bags full of more groceries! I just can not take Mel to the store with me. It took over an hour in the store to just get milk.
I baked a cake tonight. All I have in the coach is micro/convection oven. I have made corn bread and baked cookies but never a cake. It is about 4 inches in the center and tapers down to the side. Kinda like a ski hill. Hopefully it will be good.
I talked with our granddaughter, Rachel, last night. It was her birthday.....Happy Birthday again Rachel. She turned 13. I asked how much snow they got yesterday. Her reply "A lot". Sounds like she had a nice birthday and I am thankful for that.
Not much else new here.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clouds, store closings, stew and pistolettes!

We woke to a cloudy day. I think the high was 68 and again, very humid. All this humidity has caused problems for the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. A 29 mile bridge that crosses the lake from north to south and the other way around. Fog has been so heavy that they have closed the causeway at times or escorted vehicles across. We are waiting for weather to clear so we can cross and see it all. The cold front is to come in tomorrow morning. Our temps will drop 20 degrees. Yikes! I guess we will turn off the a/c and turn on the heaters. Atleast it may be dryier! I am tired of the humidity.
After we had breakfast I did dishes and Mel went out to finish reading his book. I took a walk around the campground. Stopped to visit with the host and find out about any Christmas lights in any of the neighborhoods. Nothing that she knew of. She advised us that we NOT go into New Orleans after dark. She said it is still very dangerous. Alot of shootings and murders. Of course Mel thinks that means we should go just so he can prove her wrong.
We drove over to Covington to the Camping World. Mel wanted to look at a camping book. He decided not to buy it. Said it wasn't a very informative book. After that we drove to Madisonville to check out a Linens and Things Store that is going out of business. Last 3 days and nothing was left! Shucks! Throughout our travel this trip we have seen many stores that are closing the doors.
I had made a stew for dinner in the crock pot. When we got home I baked some pistolettes to go along with the stew. Everything was so good. OH, we found this bag of pistolette at the store yesterday. They are a bake and serve roll. A very crusty roll and very good! Yummmy!
After dinner I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I took another walk around the campground and gave the host money to pick us up a paper tomorrow. I think the hosts like us. They are over here a lot and always want to do something for us. I don't see them around the other campers. Hmmmm! They are nice people and fun to talk to.
Time to get ready for bed and veg out with the tv.
Stay well, be happy and smile

Friday, December 19, 2008

Laundry and strange foods

Another nice sunny day and it was 80! One more nice day and then the cold front comes in and the weather will be normal for this time of the year. Highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's.
We stayed home today. I went and did 2 loads of laundry. They have 2 washers and dryers at this state park. Brand new Maytags. I came back, put laundry away and cleaned the coach and vacuumed. Mel decided to take a nap and I forgot to wash towels. So while he napped I went back and did the towels. Later we went and got groceries. It took us almost 2hours. Why? So many foods we had never heard of and we were just having fun finding them. On our drive home we hit another neighborhood to see the Christmas lights.
We had pizza for dinner and then I did my ironing.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


We awoke to sunshine today. A nice change from the cloudy days we have had all week. We drove around the neighborhoods here that are by the Lake. The houses are huge! I would say the houses are about 6 times the size of ours. Most all of them built on pillars. Beautiful homes. Although I would not want to live in a house that big, nor heat or a/c it. Let alone clean it. I suppose that if you have a home that big you probably have a maid or cleaning people come in.
Tonight we drove back to that neighborhood to see the Christmas lights. Not many very lit up much to my surprise. A park along the lake had all the trees wrapped in lights, the gazebo was all in lights and lights along the walk path. That was very pretty.
John made it through a whole day of work today and was actually hungry when he got home. With mono the doctor said he would not have much of an appetite. So far he has not eaten much but tonight he said he ate well. His best bet for getting over this soon is to eat, sleep and not get stressed. Hopefully, he will get over this fast.
My back is much better tonight, as long as I keep taking drugs! I did not sleep well last night. Every move caused me pain. I think tonight will be much better.
It was 77 here today. A record high for this time of the year. We still have a very high humidity. A cold front is on the way. I checked weather at home this morning and it was -15! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! Tomorrow they get snow.
Time for me to get ready for bed. Till tomorrow, and hopefully a more exciting day...
Stay well, be happy and smile!
Oh, on the trees here a plant called "resurrection fern" grows on the bark. When it is dry it turns brown and looks dead. After a rain it gets green again. The camp host brought us some. I now need to look for something to put it in. It is a dainty fern and quite interesting.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I remember it all?

Well it has been 11 days since we left home. Now I will try to remember it all. The first day will be easy. We left home at 8:30 a.m. and headed south. We drove straight through the day and into the night. We arrived at the first rest area in Mississippi at 12:30 A.M.. It took us 16 hours .

We had stopped for breakfast in Westfield, WI., and then had sandwiches along the rest of the way. We pretty much fell into bed that night.

In the morning we drove to Enid Lake. A Corp. of Engineers, campground. We stayed at Wallace Creek campground. This is a very nice campground. We had 50 amp electric, water and a level concrete pad. About 6 other campers were in the campground. We could look out on to the lake from our site. That evening we had the most awesome sunset either of us had ever seen.

On Sunday (7th) we drove into Batesville ,MS., and explored the town. Went to a little cafe we had stopped at last year. I had a BBQ pork sandwich and Mel had the catfish. The catfish were not as good as last year. Mel said they were mushy! After we ate we picked up some milk and headed back home.

Monday we drove south to Grenada, MS to check out another COE campground on Grenada Lake. The lake was dried up! The campground was not much at all. Explored Grenada some and then went back home.

Tuesday we just veg'd out at home. Cleaned up and vaccumed.

Wednesday we went for a drive and discoverd another COE campground the other side of the dam. Again it is very nice and a COE campground. We like the COE's because with Mel's National Parks Golden Age Passport we pay half price. At Wallace Creek we paid 5.00 a night.

Wednesday we moved the other side of the dam to Persimmon Hill and paid 5.00 a night. We veg'd out for the next 2 days.

Saturday (13th) we drove to Collinsville, MS to another COE campground. This is just north of Meridan, MS.

Sunday (14th) we explored Meridan. Got groceries and gas for the car. (1.30/gal) Diesel prices for the coach have been 2.59- 1.99. Yup, we got diesel in Meridan for 1.99. We were so happy.

Monday (15) we moved to a campground in Poplarville, MS.. It seems like all the towns in MS have a "ville" on the name. Anyway, we stayed at Haas-cienda in Poplarville. It is a Passport America campground, a membership camping club. We get half price sites with this membership. In the book this campground sounded so wonderful. We needed to do laundry and it had a "laundry mat". We stayed 2 nights but it was not as grand as we thought. The laundry: had 6 washers, 2 worked. It had 6 dryers, 2 worked. The washers that did work, leaked. So the floors were wet and had puddles. I did the heavy stuff at the "laundry mat"and then did the rest in my washer in the coach. The floors were dirty and they had dogs and cats running loose everywhere.

On Tuesday we drove to the the Northshore area of Lake Pontchartrain to check it out for camping. We stopped in Slidell and had lunch at Raising Cain. They are fast food chicken strips. We had not been to one so decided to try it. They use the tenderloin part of the breast and they are wonderful. We had dinners that came with 3 strips, coleslaw, toast, and fries. Everything was good. After that we to Fairview-Riverside State Park. Checked out the park and the sites. Then we went to Foutainebleau State Park to check it out and the sites. We decided which one we move to and headed back home. We were going to check out the BBQ place in poplarville for dinner but it was closed. We came back home and I threw in the last of my laundry and we went to Pizza Hut. Bad pizza! Over cooked and no one cared except us!

Today, Wednesday, we moved to Fontainebleau State Park. It is beautiful here. We also have free WIFI. Thus the update. We are settled in and I have dinner cooking on the grill. Tonight is chicken, baked potatoes, and corn. When we were leaving the other campground this morning I threw my back out. We were hooking up the car and out it went. I can hurts so bad but with the help of some pain pills I am doing alright. Louisiana State Parks honor the Golden Age Passport also so we pay half price at the State Parks also. We have 50 amp electric, water and the free wifi. Tomorrow we go exploring around here. During our stay we will also go into New Orleans.
Dinner should be ready so I write again soon.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We are hitting the road!

Tomorrow we leave..finally! Hopefully we will be out of here by 8:00. I have everything packed. Just have to grab my make up bag, some soda's, and a few things off the counter and we are gone.
We had planned to leave today but it snowed in southern Wisconsin, IL, MO, TN, along with sleet and rain. Tomorrow it looks clear all the way to MS.
I don't know when we will have an internet connection, so , bear with me.
Till then, Stay well, be happy and smile!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am getting everything ready to go. I have loaded items that will not freeze and cloth items.It looks like snow through Wednesday. We plan to go straight south through IL and down into MS. Thursday looks clear all the way down. On our first day we drive till we are just into MS. Pull into a rest area and call it a day. We left here at 8am last year and got into the rest area about 11pm. After that we take our time and meander around. We will probably check out more of MS this year and go into LA and mosie around for a while before heading into Texas. We will probably hit AZ in January sometime. Tomorrow I want to do a quick cleaning around the house. Get our clothes together and loaded. Load whatever I can before we turn on the furnace. I will turn on electric heater while I run in and out tomorrow. We will turn on the furnace on Wednesday then load the freezables. On Thursday we will load the frig, and we are off!
I do not know about an internet connection. We will look for WIFI so if we find it I will post. I think it may sparse between posts.
I am tired so I guess I best head off for bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What is wrong with this turkey?

HI! Come on in and let's chat. I'll tell you all about our Thanksgiving. I got the turkey ready and into the oven by 9:00. I was given a new roaster to try. A nice new open one like you see on all those cooking shows. Usually, I do the turkey in my Nesco roaster. So, alright, I will try this "new" roaster. About 11:00 I thought, I should be smelling that turkey by now. I went to check on it. It was cooking but did not look much different then when I put it in. Hmmm. I put the oven thermometer in to check the oven. It read 350, just like I had it set. A 12 pound turkey should cook in 4 hours and it was in for 2 already and not much of a change. Went back to getting other things done and ready for dinner. About 12:15 I check the turkey again, thinking I need to start basting this bird. The darn thing still looks the same as when I put it the oven. What the heck is going on? I, again, check the temp in the oven with a different thermometer. Reads 350. I'm thinking that my 2:00 meal is just not gonna happen. At 12:45 everybody is here and hungry. My daughter-in-law, Rose, and I go check the bird again. Doesn't look good. We keep basting it. At 1:30, it is getting brown but still looks undone. We check it with a meat thermometer. It is about 150. At 2:00 I could not take it anymore. I got out the Nesco, put the turkey in it. We kept on basting it. Rose was standing by the roaster, with hands over it, encouraging the turkey to cook. Telling it how nice it was and how good it was going to be. Finally, at 3:00 it was done. It took 6 hours to cook a 12 pound turkey. It was not frozen, I buy fresh. We sat down to eat about 3:20-30. The turkey was good but not as tender as usual. Note to self: cook turkey in Nesco, always. You got to wonder: how long did it take to kill this turkey? In the 30 years I have cooked a turkey,I have never had this happen. Do you know what could have gone wrong?
After the clean up we had our Christmas. Presents were opened. Then the boys got into the X-box and games. Last we will hear from them for a few hours!
About 8:00 we had ham and a bunch of snack foods. The ham cooked just fine in the very same oven as that darn turkey. With our tummies full for the second time it was time to call it a night.

Black Friday! I went to Walmart around 2 pm to get a haircut. Thankfully I had an appointment. The parking lot was beyond full. I parked over by the Sam's Club gas station. After I was done I went to pick up coffee. I was lucky and a check out opened up just as I was walking up. That was luck. I could have used that luck while cooking that turkey. We stayed in the rest of the day.

Today, we met Mel's cousins at Wausau Mine for lunch. We had a nice visit and a just ok lunch. I mailed out my Christmas cards today. I cleaned up around the house, did laundry, and started gathering clothes to take along. I think we may leave on Wednesday. We still have to check out the weather for this week. Once we are on the road I do not know when or where I will have internet service. Thus, my posts may become quite sparse at times.
Tomorrow we take our granddaughter to lunch and then shopping for her birthday. Her birthday is Dec 20, but we will not be here. I will also drop my house plants off at a friends for the winter.
Till next time.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shits and giggles

I have spent the last 2 days in the kitchen getting ready for the big day. I baked 7 dozen yeast rolls, made 3 different kinds of pies, the stuffing is ready for the oven and sweet potatoes are ready. Washed up the china, the wine glasses and set the table. All I have to do tomorrow is pop the ole boy (Tom) in the oven, make the mashed potatoes, gravy and warm up some other foods.
After we clean up from stuffing our selves we will open Christmas presents. Later, about 6:30 we will have ham and other goodies to snack on. Then I will probably collapse! This is the first I have really sat down all day. My legs hurt, my back hurts...well I just hurt.

After my shower tonight I got on the scale. Just for shits and giggles. Wow, I lost 5 pounds. I looked all over and I just can not find them! I hope I lost them for good. :>) This past August I refused to do my weekly weights because it was so depressing to see nothing happen. Then, one day, I got couragous and stepped on the evil scale... low and behold.. I lost 18 pounds! It has been a slow battle but, don't you worry, tomorrow the food will win again! For those who do not know why I have this battle... I quit smoking about _ _ pounds ago! I knew I would gain weight but come on...it can stop now. Once we get in the south-south west I can do more walking and jogging. I have been walking here but we now have snow and some icy spots, so, no jogging.
Happy Thanksgiving! Don't gobble to much! (ya, right)
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Senior Discount?

I got the sugar cookies baked and that was about all. My back was killing me from standing so much. Cleaned up the kitchen and then I just veg'ed out in front of the tv.
Today I went to Sam's Club and got the goodies for Thanksgiving dinner. I have a few items to get at the IGA tomorrow that Sam's did not have. Tomorrow is senior day at the IGA so I have to wait till then.
Speaking of seniors... we were discussing senior discounts today and the places that offer them.I wondered... do funeral homes offer senior discounts? LOL
John came for dinner tonight. I made chop suey and crusty bread. Then he hit the cookies.... he took a bite of the sugar cookie, melted to the floor and said "you make the best sugar cookies." He can be quite dramatic sometimes.
I believe we should be able to blow this pop stand next Tuesday. For the past 5 years we have tried to get out of here right after Thanksgiving, only to leave around the 15th of Dec. Maybe this year will be different...maybe!
Mel wanted to go to Target to look at the grill they have on sale. We need a new grill because ours moved away from home. ( John took it when he moved. It actually was his.) It is a very nice grill. An amanna with 3 burners. We didn't buy it. Why? Idunno!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I survived the weather! I don't think it got to 5 below last night. It was awful cold though. It did warm up today... 33! A real heat wave.
I went out this morning to craft sales. I brought a glass block with different colored Christmas lights in it. It is so pretty. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of it. I also hit a used rubber stamp sale. Woo who! I got a bunch of stamps for 20.00.
I have been baking the rest of the day. More cookies! Today I mixed the dough for the sugar cookies that I will make tomorrow. I baked pumpkin and ricotta cookies today. After the sugar cookies tomorrow I will make more butter cookies since they seem to be disappearing. Hmmm.
I am getting tired so...
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Friday, November 21, 2008

5 BELOW!!!

Yup, you read the title right. Tonight's low temp is going to be minus 5! It is cold outside, baby! I went for my walk this afternoon and thought my ears were going to fall off. I had put on a neck scarf along with my other winter garb, but no hat. Geez, walking west, I thought I was going to freeze to death. I only managed half of my usual walk. In 2 weeks we should be out of here and heading into warmer weather.
It has been quite here otherwise. I have gone to lunch again this week with a few friends to say "good-bye" for the winter. It is always hard to tell them good bye, but, at the same time I am thinking" I'M going where it is warm!" Brat, that is what I am!
I have been baking cookies but, Mel keeps eating them up. I am trying to get them done so I can give some to the kids and our neighbor. Oh well, I will just keep baking for a few more days. Next Tuesday I will start baking pies for Thanksgiving. Wednesday will get my sweet potatoes and salads going, along with the rolls. Thursday morning throw in the turkey and we are all set. Sounds so easy when I say it like that. If only it was!
Well I guess I better go put on my winter woolies to sleep in.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The last few days have been busy. On Saturday I went to a Stamp and Scrap convention. That is for persons that either rubber stamp or make scrapbooks. I rubber stamp and make cards. It was so much fun seeing new products and how to use them. Many make and takes. I made 4 different cards. The only problem was.. I wanted everything I saw! It was a lot of fun. I met my friends Margo and Judy. I got home late afternoon. Mel said friends of ours called about going to dinner that evening. So I freshened up and they picked us up and we went out to Golden Coral. They had never been to one. We all ate quite well. Perhaps to well. We left Golden Coral and went to Lowe's and walked around some. Or should I say we waddled! That worked to help wear off some of fullness. They visited at our house for awhile. It was a very enjoyable day.
On Sunday we did more Christmas shopping. When we got home Mel took a nap and cleaned up around the house and did more laundry! I think I am done washing bedding, towels and such for the coach. I got my ironing done also. We had a lite dinner. I made chopped sirloin patties, rice and a salad. No dessert!
Monday I had an appointment and then met Lois for lunch. We had a nice lunch and then did some shopping. She had something to return to Target and also wanted to pick up a toy for her grandchildren. I stopped at Hallmark and we came home. We exchanged gifts. She gave me a really nice book on card making, a plaque to hang on my wall and a cross necklace. How nice is that! I also got her a necklace and she liked my towels at the house so I got her some. She was very happy also. While we were out it snowed. During lunch I looked out and it was like a blizzard! It did that for about 20 minutes then the sun came out. It kept doing that all day.
Today we went and brought an electric heater for the coach. Mel finally found one that puts out the 1500 watts it says it does. Cleaned up around the house and made dinner. We had pork chops, potatoes and peas. After that I went to get items I needed for baking cookies. Later Mel came to Best Buy with me to get the last present we have to buy!! Hooray! We are done. Now I have to wrap. :(
It has been cold here. I think todays high was 27. I did go for a walk with my neighbor Marlene. We get double exercise because we laugh so hard about stupid stuff when we are together. I just love her.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I do hope to get started on my cookies.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Memory test!

Time to test my memory skills and see if I can remember what I did the past 4 days. Hahaha!
Tuesday... I got caught up on my paperwork. I have been lazy and did not do any for 2 months! It took 5 hours to get it all done but I kept at it. We are still in the green and good to go! ;) That evening we went out to dinner with friends Steve and Barb. We ate at Freddy's Mexican food. Yum-o! We all have chimi's of some sort and they were excellent. It was snowing while we were driving to Freddy's and by the time we left the snow was piling up. Wednesday.... I had my dentist appointment. Got the filling done on the tooth I broke. After that I did some shopping. I managed to get a few more presents and cross off another name on my list. Wednesday night John came for dinner and to move his fish around. Not move them out, move them around. He put his piranha in a separate 30 gallon tank. He is selling the tank, filter and piranha. Hopefully it sells for him. The other fish are still in the 50 gallon and I do not know what he plans to do with them. The 50 gallon he took to his apartment he has smaller,schools of fish in. A bit more exciting then the big fish he has here. Thursday.... cleaned house. Then we went on the hunt for a new electric heater for in the coach. I got Mel a Kill A Watt and he was checking the wattage on the heaters we have now. He was surprised to find that a 1500 watt heater does not put out 1500 watts. One put out 680 and the other 1100. Hmmm, so he started testing other heaters we have and the same thing. None put out the 1500 watts they said they do. We bought 2 differrent ones and checked them when we got home. Same story. So, the search is on for a heater that puts out 1500 watts! After dinner we settled in and watched Survivor and CSI. Today (Friday)..
I cleaned the office and went through the stuff I brought in from the coach that could freeze. I really down sized that stuff. Reorganized it all in boxes. Went through baskets I had in here loaded for the coach. Took some of the dishes and other things that could go out, out to the coach. All the while I was doing laundry. Got the filing done and now the office is nice and clean.
I have been working to downsize the items we take in the coach with us. This summer I went through everything in the coach and I took out stuff that has never been used and never will be used. Why was it in there? I have lots of storage now. We ran out to Home Depot and Menards to look at heaters and grabbed a sandwich for dinner. Came home to finish laundry and play on the computer!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Monday, November 10, 2008

More laundry

It was cold today. The high was 32.9. The sun tried to peak out in the late afternoon but the clouds won. My neighbor and I were going to do our walk but it was 25 and windy. Forget that! So instead, we talked on the phone for almost an hour. Well, our jaws got a workout atleast!
We did go out today and do some Christmas shopping. Picked up a few gifts for the boys. After that I started laundry and made a quick run to the grocery store. I sure was surprised when I got home to find I had not only my items but someone elses also. So back to the store I went to return the bag that was not mine.
John came for dinner and to pick up the cat. We had marinated chicken, mashed taters, and corn. For dessert ..strawberry creme bars. We had a nice visit with John and heard all about his boring conference he attended.
This evening was spent finishing laundry, and watching television. I also did my nails.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The "Wall"

It was 27 degrees when we got up this morning. The warmest it got today was 30. I think it is time we moved Thanksgiving to the middle of October! We celebrate our Thanksgiving and Christmas that day and then we leave. I do not like loading in the cold and snow. On a good note... we did not get the 3 inches of snow they said we were going to get.
I baked banana muffins today and got chicken marinating for tomorrow. After that I read a new cook book. For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs. I guess the cook book did not inspire me much. :p
We watched a program today about the "The Wall" . The Vietnam memorial. I was surprised to learn that a group of vets from Wisconsin built a motorcycle and took it to the memorial and left it. The motorcycle was a memorial to the 14 missing in the war from Wisconsin. On the gas tank the name of all 14 men is painted on. The dog tags from the missing men are also hanging on the handlebars. How cool is that? I think the guys that did this have done a wonderful job. They are also building or have built a museum with everything people have left at the Wall. We have been to the Wall twice. It is an amazing place and it really plays on ones emotions. I look forward to going back and visiting both. Tuesday is Veterans Day and it is an honor to thank everyone of those brave men.
John should be arriving back home tonight from Chicago. I don't know if he is picking up the cat tonight or tomorrow. I hope tomorrow. After we hear from him I will go to Walmart to return some books. Walmart won't be busy at 9:00 at night, will it? LOL!
Till next time.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slow week

It has not been a very exciting week. Not much in news here.
We had snow this morning!! Yes, snow! It was staying on the ground too. As of now it is gone. I heard on the radio we could get up to 3 inches tonight.
I drove to Stevens Point today to go to a Holiday Boutique.(craft sale) Margo and I were to go but she had called this morning to say she was to sick to go. She has a really bad cold and did not sleep all night. So, off I went by myself. It was a 30 minute drive but it was relaxing. I didn't buy much. A snowflake necklace and earrings for me, a pottery garlic keeper for John and some almonds for Mel. Big spender, I am! I ran into my cousin and she told me about another sale in that town. It was a "home party sale". Products that you buy at home Parties such as Tupperware, pampered chef,stampin up etc.. I went to that and brought some Tupperware I had been looking for to use in the coach. It was cash and carry and no taxes. Such a deal! The tupperware was half price and with no sales tax. I also bought some hand lotion from a company called BeautiControl. They do home spa parties. Interesting products. Then I went over to the K Mart. Since ours closed I kinda miss that store. Didn't really buy anything but had fun looking around.
On my way home I stopped at Kitchens Collections and picked a few items. I wanted to get an oven mat for my toaster oven. I got the toaster oven yesterday at Sam's Club. We had gone to check out X-box games for our grandson and found this oven in the close outs. The box was damaged but the oven was fine and it was marked down half price. It is a nice Black and Decker one that is also a convention oven and big enough to cook a pizza!
That wraps up this week. Only 4 more weeks and we are out of here!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 days in the life of...?

I had a dentist appointment on Monday. I had a tooth chip and called and they made the appointment for Monday. Well , I thought it was an appointment. I arrived and they put me into the ER room. Dentist came in, looked at tooth and said it needed a small filling and they could that next week. What!? ( I saw the dentist for maybe 2 minutes) I was disappointed. I am tired of this sharp molar.
After that I ran some errands and picked up some groceries. Margo came over and we made cards till about 4:00. That is always fun and relaxing. John came for dinner. He wanted tuna casserole. It was so good and comforting. Cleaned up dishes and went for a walk with my neighbor.

Tuesday...Election Day! We had voted last week so no need for us to go out. I cleaned out all my flower pots and put them away. Put rose cones over the roses and raked leaves over the beds. Then we started cleaning the rest of leaves in the yard. Our yard is just to darn big! We worked for 5 hours and got it done!! Hooray! I took my aching body into the house and made Mel a hamburger and reheated tuna casserole for me. Watch the returns until my aching back was killing me and Idecided to try an epsom salt bath. I soaked for 30 minutes and felt like a new woman. Back to the results. Can anyone remember back when they would show the map of the US and all the southern states would be red and northern states were blue? (maybe I am aging myself!) Well we sure have come a long way baby. I could not believe that Obama had so many states. Wow! Now let us hope he will be a decent president. Maybe we better pray and not hope.

Wednesday.. Not much exciting today. We went to garage sale and found....nothing. Stopped and got milk and a few other items and came home. The rest of the day I cleaned house or tried. The phone just kept ringing. I think more people called today then in a whole month!! I got about half of the house clean. Made minute steaks, buttered noodles and corn for dinner. Fruit for dessert.

I think both Mel and I are getting anxious to get out of here and go south for the winter. I keep filling laundry baskets with things we will need and Mel asks what he can put out in the coach. I like to stage it all, look it over to see what I may have forgotten before we take anything out. Right now the office looks like a laundry with baskets full of clothes, bathroom items, kitchen stuff and whatever else. And lists... I make lists. Mel thinks I need lists for my lists. Maybe I have OCD?
Till next time.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boring day

Today was cloudy and windy. Not much happened today.
Started washing up things that need to go in the coach with us when we leave. That meant more laundry. Finished ironing.
Cleaned up downstairs. Now that John moved out I made the area a craft room. Have everything I need in one place again.
I am making meal in a peel for dinner. For dessert I made homemade pudding, yum!
I am tired today and my back has really been bothering me.
That's all for today.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another beautiful day. I met my friends at the craft sale. I didn't buy much of anything. I got a bracelet, some scrubbies and those towels that hand from a kitchen drawer handle. I got the towel for the coach. Just trying to go "green" and not use as many paper towels. We had lunch at the sale. Chicken dumpling soup and a chicken and gravy sandwich. It was good. We checked out the desserts but none of them appealed to us. After that we said our good byes and they will come over Monday to make cards again. I went to Shopko ( like a Walmart) and surrendered myself to buying some jeans in a size that fits better. Yes, I have put on a few pounds...ok maybe a few more! I am walking 45 minutes to an hour everyday and can not shed an pound let alone a ounce but, boy they sure do jump on for a ride. After that I came home. Shortly after arriving home my neighbor called and needed my help. She bought a chair for her husband for Christmas and needed help to get into the house before he saw it. So I went helped her carry it into the house and out to the enclosed patio. We covered it with a sheet ( It is in a box) and put other stuff around it. Shortly after I got back home again John arrived. He came to empty his 50 gallon fish tank and clean it. He has all his fish in the other 50 gallon tank right now. He got that done and Mel and I helped him load my van and take the tank and stand to his apartment. He will get it set up this week and then take his fish over. That means I don't have to feed those fish anymore!
He will be going to Chicago next Friday for work. Some week end conference for something. I imagine he will do the fish after that. Next Thursday he will bring Peanut (cat) here for us the take care of while he is gone. We are so happy to have Peanut here. We miss him so much since John moved on Sept.1.
After we got back from moving the tank and stand John cleaned up some down stairs and then left. I went to the grocery store and got rotisserie chicken for us for dinner. I took the left overs and made a nutty chicken salad for tomorrow's lunch.
In between all that I did some laundry. Where does all that laundry come from? I thought with John gone it would be much less. I am still not done. Although, I had more than usual because I had sheets and towels and such from the coach to do.
We did go and fuel up the coach today. $3.07 at Sam's Club. Now we are ready to roll after Thanksgiving.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Another beautiful day! Sunny and in the 60's. We started out our day by going to vote. Yuppers, we did the early voting thing. After that we were off to to get additive for the fuel for the coach. Also got some black top patch for the driveway. Back at home again I went out to the coach to get all the freezables out. Then I vaccumed. So now when we pull out after Thanksgiving, it will be clean, and all I will have to do is load it up.
We have also turned into wimps. Yup, that's right. You see we had a waterbed in the house. It sprung a leak about 2 months ago. So, we bit the bullet and bought a new mattress. We were so use to getting into a warm bed that when it cooled off here, we got cold crawling into that plain ole bed. We have a bed warmer in the coach and love it. So, off to Sam's Club for a heated mattress pad. We are in heaven. He has his control and I have mine. No arguing over how hot or cold it is.
The trick and treaters will start soon. I just love seeing the kids and hearing about what they are.
Tomorrow I am off to a craft sale with friends and then lunch. We have our Christmas at Thanksgiving so I need to get my shopping done. Everyone gave some pretty basic lists this year. We hope to get out of here this year as soon as we can after Thanksgiving. I don't know where we will start our adventure this year. We always end up in AZ during January. Perhaps we can explore some of MS, LA and more of Texas before heading into AZ.
Well you have a good Halloween and watch out for those goblins!!
Stay well, be happy and smile.

Oh yeah....BOO!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A week in review!

It has been a while but I will try to update this past week.
I was quite achey after the yard work. I also have managed quite well to avoid it since. I will have to get out and do more yet but , as I said I am doing quite well at avoiding it.
Last Friday I attended the funeral of John's friend grandmother. She was a special lady to all who knew her. John had built a fence for her last year. Her fence around her patio was needing to be replaced. Since no one else was in any hurry to get it done for her, John stepped up to the plate and got it done. It was a job he did very well. She was thrilled! It was a sad funeral but I saw how much she was loved by all. May she rest in peace.
After that I came home and finished packing the coach and off we went on our "snowball" camping trip with friends. It was raining on Friday and cold! We arrived at the campground about 4:30. Got set up and had dinner. About 6:30 our friends pulled in. After they were set up and settled we sat and talked in there trailer. We were all tired and called it a night quite early. We were in bed by 9:50!!! Even more of a surprise.. we did not get up till almost 10 the next morning. We had breakfast and Pete started a fire. The rain had stopped and we had a breeze. I think the high was 45 or so. We sat around the fire to stay warm and talked. It really was quite boring but yet we enjoyed it. Sunday Pete and Jeannie pulled out about 10:30. They wanted to get home and have some time to get ready for another work week. We left about noon. We took a different route home. Traveling the back roads to Shawano. A nice ride. Once on Hwy 29 we were moving right along. we stopped at the truck stop in Wittenberg to eat. Bad choice! I had ordered a roast beef dinner. It had no taste at all. I sent it back and had a bowl of soup. We got home about 4 and unloaded the coach.
Monday my friend Margo came over and we made Christmas cards. I made lunch for us (manicotti) and she brought dessert( lemon poppy seed bread w/lemon frosting) We made cards till around 4:30. The rubber stamps were getting a work out! After that, we made a quick trip to Michaels Crafts, for some supplies for some new ideas we had.
I warmed up the leftover manicotti for Mel and I for dinner. Then put the rest in a container to take to John. I went out for my walk with my neighbor.
Today was sunny and warm. We ran some errands and stopped at Rick's. He told us about his last robot event he was at in Austin,TX.. Alex and Rachel were home. No school, teachers convention. I noticed this brace thing on Rachels hand and asked what happened. The day before at school, while having a wheelbarrow race, she tumbled, and broke her hand. She did not appear to be in pain but I was thinking " that had to hurt." I feel bad for her.
Tonight after dinner we settled in to watch Survivor and CSI.
Tomorrow I need to get all the freezeables out of the coach. That will also give me a chance to go through it all and take out what we do not need.
That's all here. Just a boring life but fun none the less.
Take care. Toodles

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hard days night

We had a pretty nice day weather wise. It was sunny and about 55. I decided it was time to get out in the yard and dig up my flower bulbs for the winter. Got them all dug up, washed off and now they are out on the patio drying. Our low tonight is suppose to be 27! So,out I went to cover the bulbs. I took a pot of plants to Lois. The flower pot was hers. She had brought over a year ago for me to save a plant that was in it. This spring I could not figure out where the pot came from. So, I filled with flowers and put on our front step. Sometime in July I find out it is Lois's flower pot. She said I should just keep it till my flowers die down. I took it over to her today and the flowers are still going strong in it. She wants to take it to the school she works at and keep it going over winter. I hope it works for her. After that I started to clean up the leaves in the yard. I got the leaf blower and went to work. Mel came out after a while to help. Our neighbors, Meryl and Betty, came walking by and we talked to them for a while. Then Meryl came back with his leaf blower and gave it to Mel to use. About this time I was ready to quit. It was almost 5:00 and time to get dinner going. We kept on blowing till Meryl's ran out of gas. Then we were just about to quit and Meryl pulled up in his truck. Walkes around to the back. I asked " You got a load of Mexicans in there?" He laughed, pulled out a gas can, filled the blower up, started it up and handed it to Mel again. Well, I guess we are gonna keep on blowing leaves! :p We worked till 5:30 then we did quit. Put everything away and I went in to get dinner done. I had put steak and gravy in the crockpot this morning so all I had left to do was make some rice, corn and bread. John comes over for dinner on Mondays. He loves steak and gravy. We had a wonderful dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen. I was aching from the work today but, never fear, I still did my 45 minute walk after dishes. I really do ache. I took a shower and now I am ready for bed,but, I think it will be hard days night. I ache so bad. Tomorrow is laundry and housecleaning. Am I punishing myself or what?
Have a good night. Stay safe.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It worked!

So I made a post. Then went to my page and it all came up the way I set it up. The right template everything. Hooray! Well, enjoy the blog. I will try to post as often as I can but it may not be everyday.

I think I did it!

Well, I think I started a blog. I am not sure about a number of things. One being that this is not the template I chose. I have tried to change it twice but it keeps coming back to this one. Hmmmm.
Another is that when I enter my web address it does not come up. Hmmmm. So I thought I would try a post and see what happens when I do that.
So I will tell you about my day or perhaps my week end. It started with the promise to a friend that I would attend her house party. She just said it was a party that sold just about anything but she did not know the name of it. Well, I went , as promised. When I arrived I noticed a few items on a table and went to check them out. About 15 items. Dolls, ornaments, dragon figures, candles and a plant stand. A few people were late so we waited for them to arrive. The party started. The lady told us her name and the name of her company and the company she purchases items from. She then picked up each item and told us what it was. ( This is a candle. I have many candles for you to chose from. These are Christmas ornaments and if you want to view them all you can come up and see them on your own.) Well, she did this with all 15 items and then told us we could view more items in the catalog. Ok. The catalog was 2 iches thick!! It basically was over priced junk. I ordered a candle and a flower pot and left. Shortly after arriving back home John arrived. I had made an apple pandowdy for him and applesauce. He had come over to pick them up and feed his fish he still has here. (He moved out 7 weeks ago and still has his fish tanks here) We visited with him for awhile. It is always good to see him and visit. After he left, Mel and I went out for pizza. We called ahead so it was ready when we got there. Ran into friends of ours. They want us to go pick apples with them and then go out to eat at a place they know up north that has a chicken buffet on Sundays. Sounds good to me! With tummies full and a good visit with friends we headed home.
Sunday was about as boring. It is our anniversary so we went out to dinner at Texas Road House. The first time we went to this place we had horrible food. We tried it again this past summer and it was wonderful so we went back today. Todays meal was great. The steaks were tender,and the sides were good also. After we ate we went for a ride about the town. Just riding and talking. As we were about home our son called to tell us that his friends grandma passed on. This was sad news. We call her grandma also. She was the sweetest lady and everyone loved her. She had cancer and even though we knew it was comming we are very sad about losing her. May she rest in peace.
After we got home I went for a long walk. Thats my week end.
Have good evening. Stay well, be happy and smile!