Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold front, groceries and a cake

It rained about 4 am for a half hour. It was cloudy when we got up and the temps were dropping. Our high today was 58. Right now it is 46. Tonight's low is in the 30's.
The host and his wife brought our paper over around 11am. After lunch I went for a walk. It was quite windy. When I came back the hosts wife was here and we talked for over a good hour. After she left Mel and I went for a walk. We decided to stay for 9 more days. They have a 14 day max here so that will put us at 14 days. We went to the office to pay and after that we went out for milk. Went for milk and came back with 6 bags full of more groceries! I just can not take Mel to the store with me. It took over an hour in the store to just get milk.
I baked a cake tonight. All I have in the coach is micro/convection oven. I have made corn bread and baked cookies but never a cake. It is about 4 inches in the center and tapers down to the side. Kinda like a ski hill. Hopefully it will be good.
I talked with our granddaughter, Rachel, last night. It was her birthday.....Happy Birthday again Rachel. She turned 13. I asked how much snow they got yesterday. Her reply "A lot". Sounds like she had a nice birthday and I am thankful for that.
Not much else new here.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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