Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The fun never ends

We got the results form the ultrasound......nothing! They found nothing. So why is his wind pipe pushed over to the right? We saw the x-ray that started the concern and his trac is diffently push over to the right. SO, now he will have a CT Scan. This just gets scarier the further we go.

It has been raining here since Saturday. I thought it was going to be sunny today. Well, it was for about 10 minutes. I am hoping tomorrow will be better. We have Nova coming tomorrow to wash the house. If it rains then they will come on Thursday. How is that for excitement!! We really know how to live it up.

I have been having problems with chipmunks in my flower beds. We set up a live trap and so far we caught 7 and 1 mole. Gosh, those moles are weird looking things. We have been taking the chippies about 8 miles from here and letting them go. Mel wonders if they find their way back and we just keep catching them over and over. This adds another excitement factor into our lives.

Our gas fireplace stopped working so we had them come to repair it. The guy spent most of his time on the phone with the manufactor trying to figure out what was wrong. After an hour and a half it was decided the board was bad. It has to be ordered and when it comes in they will come out again to install it. This is not gonna be cheap. I wonder.. would it have been cheaper to just buy a new gas fireplace???? Oh, the excitement.

My computer is slowly dying. It locks up and spits and sputters worse than an old hen. So this Thursday I will be off to Best Buy with son John to see what I can get with the 50 cents I have left after getting the house washed, the fireplace fixed and putting gas in my car so I can haul chipmunks away.

The fun never ends! Stay tuned. You never know what we may do to make you jealous!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

We'll be friends until we are old and senile. Then we'll be NEW friends!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stress test

Gosh, I must be busy! It has been a long time since I wrote and so much has happened.
Mel had his pre-op and the next morning the phone was a ringing. Seems his EKG had some glitches in it and the doctors all went crazy. They canceled the surgery and he had an emergency stress test that afternoon. The doctor told me to make sure I went along. Hmmm, I know this routine. I have had friends and family that had that call. During the stress test things go bad and away to the hospital they go. Well, we fooled them.... He did the stress test, although he only made through a little over 2 minutes. We saw the cardiologist after. He was surprised to hear that the surgery was canceled but would not have results till late afternoon. He would call and let us know. The call came and his test was normal. Now if you know Mel I know you are saying WHAT? Well it was normal. Wednesday Mel was on the phone all morning getting his surgery back on the schedule for Thursday. He got it done! Surgery went well, but boy was he a crab that night. I was glad he staying at the hospital. I went up early the next morning. About 11:00 they decided to keep him another night because he had to much blood in his urine. That was the longest day. It seemed to go on forever. He did come home on Saturday and all has been good with the procedure.
This past week we got more calls from doctors. One about those glitches in his EKG. They want to do another test to make sure he has not had a heart attack in the past. His chest x-ray also became a concern. He has chronic pulmonary disease, due to his smoking. Hasn't made him stop yet...darn! The x-ray also showed that his thyroid is pushing into his wind pipe. He had an ultrasound on Thursday and we will see the doc on Monday afternoon. Mel thinks they are out to get him.
I have been staying busy just working around the house. Between housework, laundry, yard work, the flower gardens and cooking I am beat. I spent 12 hours in the yard yesterday just mowing and mowing , oh and mowing, weed whacking, working in my flower beds and finished planting. I ached so bad I could not sleep. Today I got caught up on all the paperwork. It had been 4 months since I did any. Lazy! Now we are up to date and we still have some money left.
Tomorrow I want to just relax but I will probably get into something. It is rainy and cool.. maybe I will bake bread and some other goodies for us. A pot of chili to warm us up!
Stay well ,be happy and smile!

All those who believe in psycho kinesis, raise my hand!