Monday, December 1, 2008

I am getting everything ready to go. I have loaded items that will not freeze and cloth items.It looks like snow through Wednesday. We plan to go straight south through IL and down into MS. Thursday looks clear all the way down. On our first day we drive till we are just into MS. Pull into a rest area and call it a day. We left here at 8am last year and got into the rest area about 11pm. After that we take our time and meander around. We will probably check out more of MS this year and go into LA and mosie around for a while before heading into Texas. We will probably hit AZ in January sometime. Tomorrow I want to do a quick cleaning around the house. Get our clothes together and loaded. Load whatever I can before we turn on the furnace. I will turn on electric heater while I run in and out tomorrow. We will turn on the furnace on Wednesday then load the freezables. On Thursday we will load the frig, and we are off!
I do not know about an internet connection. We will look for WIFI so if we find it I will post. I think it may sparse between posts.
I am tired so I guess I best head off for bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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