Monday, October 20, 2008

Hard days night

We had a pretty nice day weather wise. It was sunny and about 55. I decided it was time to get out in the yard and dig up my flower bulbs for the winter. Got them all dug up, washed off and now they are out on the patio drying. Our low tonight is suppose to be 27! So,out I went to cover the bulbs. I took a pot of plants to Lois. The flower pot was hers. She had brought over a year ago for me to save a plant that was in it. This spring I could not figure out where the pot came from. So, I filled with flowers and put on our front step. Sometime in July I find out it is Lois's flower pot. She said I should just keep it till my flowers die down. I took it over to her today and the flowers are still going strong in it. She wants to take it to the school she works at and keep it going over winter. I hope it works for her. After that I started to clean up the leaves in the yard. I got the leaf blower and went to work. Mel came out after a while to help. Our neighbors, Meryl and Betty, came walking by and we talked to them for a while. Then Meryl came back with his leaf blower and gave it to Mel to use. About this time I was ready to quit. It was almost 5:00 and time to get dinner going. We kept on blowing till Meryl's ran out of gas. Then we were just about to quit and Meryl pulled up in his truck. Walkes around to the back. I asked " You got a load of Mexicans in there?" He laughed, pulled out a gas can, filled the blower up, started it up and handed it to Mel again. Well, I guess we are gonna keep on blowing leaves! :p We worked till 5:30 then we did quit. Put everything away and I went in to get dinner done. I had put steak and gravy in the crockpot this morning so all I had left to do was make some rice, corn and bread. John comes over for dinner on Mondays. He loves steak and gravy. We had a wonderful dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen. I was aching from the work today but, never fear, I still did my 45 minute walk after dishes. I really do ache. I took a shower and now I am ready for bed,but, I think it will be hard days night. I ache so bad. Tomorrow is laundry and housecleaning. Am I punishing myself or what?
Have a good night. Stay safe.

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