Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 days in the life of...?

I had a dentist appointment on Monday. I had a tooth chip and called and they made the appointment for Monday. Well , I thought it was an appointment. I arrived and they put me into the ER room. Dentist came in, looked at tooth and said it needed a small filling and they could that next week. What!? ( I saw the dentist for maybe 2 minutes) I was disappointed. I am tired of this sharp molar.
After that I ran some errands and picked up some groceries. Margo came over and we made cards till about 4:00. That is always fun and relaxing. John came for dinner. He wanted tuna casserole. It was so good and comforting. Cleaned up dishes and went for a walk with my neighbor.

Tuesday...Election Day! We had voted last week so no need for us to go out. I cleaned out all my flower pots and put them away. Put rose cones over the roses and raked leaves over the beds. Then we started cleaning the rest of leaves in the yard. Our yard is just to darn big! We worked for 5 hours and got it done!! Hooray! I took my aching body into the house and made Mel a hamburger and reheated tuna casserole for me. Watch the returns until my aching back was killing me and Idecided to try an epsom salt bath. I soaked for 30 minutes and felt like a new woman. Back to the results. Can anyone remember back when they would show the map of the US and all the southern states would be red and northern states were blue? (maybe I am aging myself!) Well we sure have come a long way baby. I could not believe that Obama had so many states. Wow! Now let us hope he will be a decent president. Maybe we better pray and not hope.

Wednesday.. Not much exciting today. We went to garage sale and found....nothing. Stopped and got milk and a few other items and came home. The rest of the day I cleaned house or tried. The phone just kept ringing. I think more people called today then in a whole month!! I got about half of the house clean. Made minute steaks, buttered noodles and corn for dinner. Fruit for dessert.

I think both Mel and I are getting anxious to get out of here and go south for the winter. I keep filling laundry baskets with things we will need and Mel asks what he can put out in the coach. I like to stage it all, look it over to see what I may have forgotten before we take anything out. Right now the office looks like a laundry with baskets full of clothes, bathroom items, kitchen stuff and whatever else. And lists... I make lists. Mel thinks I need lists for my lists. Maybe I have OCD?
Till next time.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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