Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another beautiful day. I met my friends at the craft sale. I didn't buy much of anything. I got a bracelet, some scrubbies and those towels that hand from a kitchen drawer handle. I got the towel for the coach. Just trying to go "green" and not use as many paper towels. We had lunch at the sale. Chicken dumpling soup and a chicken and gravy sandwich. It was good. We checked out the desserts but none of them appealed to us. After that we said our good byes and they will come over Monday to make cards again. I went to Shopko ( like a Walmart) and surrendered myself to buying some jeans in a size that fits better. Yes, I have put on a few pounds...ok maybe a few more! I am walking 45 minutes to an hour everyday and can not shed an pound let alone a ounce but, boy they sure do jump on for a ride. After that I came home. Shortly after arriving home my neighbor called and needed my help. She bought a chair for her husband for Christmas and needed help to get into the house before he saw it. So I went helped her carry it into the house and out to the enclosed patio. We covered it with a sheet ( It is in a box) and put other stuff around it. Shortly after I got back home again John arrived. He came to empty his 50 gallon fish tank and clean it. He has all his fish in the other 50 gallon tank right now. He got that done and Mel and I helped him load my van and take the tank and stand to his apartment. He will get it set up this week and then take his fish over. That means I don't have to feed those fish anymore!
He will be going to Chicago next Friday for work. Some week end conference for something. I imagine he will do the fish after that. Next Thursday he will bring Peanut (cat) here for us the take care of while he is gone. We are so happy to have Peanut here. We miss him so much since John moved on Sept.1.
After we got back from moving the tank and stand John cleaned up some down stairs and then left. I went to the grocery store and got rotisserie chicken for us for dinner. I took the left overs and made a nutty chicken salad for tomorrow's lunch.
In between all that I did some laundry. Where does all that laundry come from? I thought with John gone it would be much less. I am still not done. Although, I had more than usual because I had sheets and towels and such from the coach to do.
We did go and fuel up the coach today. $3.07 at Sam's Club. Now we are ready to roll after Thanksgiving.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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