Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Laundry, cookies and po boys

It was cloudy most of the day. Our high was in the low 60's. The humidity rolled in about noon.
After my shower I went and did laundry. Just 2 loads. Sheets and whites. Came back and cleaned the coach. Oh how exciting!
About 2 we went to the camp hosts site for cookies and cheer. I now know the names of the hosts: Leroy and Jessie. About 25-30 people were there at different times. We chatted with quite a few and learned of some and interesting spots to go to. We learned of a place that we can camp right on the beach of the gulf. It costs 70.00 a week. No hook-ups and you get 2 dumps and 2 water fill ups. I think we just may go and check it out. One couple we met have been full time rving for 29 years. (18 of which they worked, which involved travel in the rv) Quite an interesting couple. We also heard of some of the good places to eat in the area. One is a Po Boy place down the road. It made us so hungry hearing about it we had to go try it. We got a huge roast beef po boy for 4.99. I want to try the shrimp po boy next. The one we had tonight was delicious!
Again tonight we drove through some neighborhoods to see the lights. It was just after 5 so many were not on yet. I think tomorrow night we may go out again. That will give us something to do.
We are getting to know our way around Mandeville quite well I think.
Till next time.....
Merry Christmas my friends
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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