Friday, November 14, 2008

Memory test!

Time to test my memory skills and see if I can remember what I did the past 4 days. Hahaha!
Tuesday... I got caught up on my paperwork. I have been lazy and did not do any for 2 months! It took 5 hours to get it all done but I kept at it. We are still in the green and good to go! ;) That evening we went out to dinner with friends Steve and Barb. We ate at Freddy's Mexican food. Yum-o! We all have chimi's of some sort and they were excellent. It was snowing while we were driving to Freddy's and by the time we left the snow was piling up. Wednesday.... I had my dentist appointment. Got the filling done on the tooth I broke. After that I did some shopping. I managed to get a few more presents and cross off another name on my list. Wednesday night John came for dinner and to move his fish around. Not move them out, move them around. He put his piranha in a separate 30 gallon tank. He is selling the tank, filter and piranha. Hopefully it sells for him. The other fish are still in the 50 gallon and I do not know what he plans to do with them. The 50 gallon he took to his apartment he has smaller,schools of fish in. A bit more exciting then the big fish he has here. Thursday.... cleaned house. Then we went on the hunt for a new electric heater for in the coach. I got Mel a Kill A Watt and he was checking the wattage on the heaters we have now. He was surprised to find that a 1500 watt heater does not put out 1500 watts. One put out 680 and the other 1100. Hmmm, so he started testing other heaters we have and the same thing. None put out the 1500 watts they said they do. We bought 2 differrent ones and checked them when we got home. Same story. So, the search is on for a heater that puts out 1500 watts! After dinner we settled in and watched Survivor and CSI. Today (Friday)..
I cleaned the office and went through the stuff I brought in from the coach that could freeze. I really down sized that stuff. Reorganized it all in boxes. Went through baskets I had in here loaded for the coach. Took some of the dishes and other things that could go out, out to the coach. All the while I was doing laundry. Got the filing done and now the office is nice and clean.
I have been working to downsize the items we take in the coach with us. This summer I went through everything in the coach and I took out stuff that has never been used and never will be used. Why was it in there? I have lots of storage now. We ran out to Home Depot and Menards to look at heaters and grabbed a sandwich for dinner. Came home to finish laundry and play on the computer!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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