Monday, November 10, 2008

More laundry

It was cold today. The high was 32.9. The sun tried to peak out in the late afternoon but the clouds won. My neighbor and I were going to do our walk but it was 25 and windy. Forget that! So instead, we talked on the phone for almost an hour. Well, our jaws got a workout atleast!
We did go out today and do some Christmas shopping. Picked up a few gifts for the boys. After that I started laundry and made a quick run to the grocery store. I sure was surprised when I got home to find I had not only my items but someone elses also. So back to the store I went to return the bag that was not mine.
John came for dinner and to pick up the cat. We had marinated chicken, mashed taters, and corn. For dessert ..strawberry creme bars. We had a nice visit with John and heard all about his boring conference he attended.
This evening was spent finishing laundry, and watching television. I also did my nails.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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