Monday, November 24, 2008

Senior Discount?

I got the sugar cookies baked and that was about all. My back was killing me from standing so much. Cleaned up the kitchen and then I just veg'ed out in front of the tv.
Today I went to Sam's Club and got the goodies for Thanksgiving dinner. I have a few items to get at the IGA tomorrow that Sam's did not have. Tomorrow is senior day at the IGA so I have to wait till then.
Speaking of seniors... we were discussing senior discounts today and the places that offer them.I wondered... do funeral homes offer senior discounts? LOL
John came for dinner tonight. I made chop suey and crusty bread. Then he hit the cookies.... he took a bite of the sugar cookie, melted to the floor and said "you make the best sugar cookies." He can be quite dramatic sometimes.
I believe we should be able to blow this pop stand next Tuesday. For the past 5 years we have tried to get out of here right after Thanksgiving, only to leave around the 15th of Dec. Maybe this year will be different...maybe!
Mel wanted to go to Target to look at the grill they have on sale. We need a new grill because ours moved away from home. ( John took it when he moved. It actually was his.) It is a very nice grill. An amanna with 3 burners. We didn't buy it. Why? Idunno!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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