Monday, December 29, 2008

A whole bunch of nothing!!

It sure is hard to write something when we don't do anything! Well, we do stuff, but is talking to the neighbor of interest to you? Rather boring I'd say. I could talk about the weather. Sunday was cloudy all day with sprinkles on and off. Sunday night the rain came along with thunder and lightning. We got a total of 1 1/8 inch. We have small lakes all around the campground. The humidity has finally dropped. It had been at 96-98% and today was 58%. I actually had a good hair day. With the humidity I had wavey, stick em up curls and frizz. I wondered.... hmmm when did I get this bad perm? Thankfully it is back to normal.
Today I cleaned house and got the laundry done. Laundry is always a fun chore. They have 2 washers here. They are very nice when there are only 10 campers. With the campground almost full one almost has to take a number to get into the laundry room. I waited 45 minutes for a washer. Then another 20 minutes for the other washer. The people with the first washer decided to go dry the clothes at there daughter's house. The second one came back to empty the washer about 20 minutes after it was done. I had no problems getting a dryer. With laundry done and the house clean I thought I could finally sit down. It was 3:45 and Mel wanted dinner. Since we had a late breakfast we did not have lunch. So I started dinner. We brought a mix to make onion rings and decided to try those tonight along with Italian sausage. Those onion rings were so good. Not something we would eat a lot of,( not good for our health) but they were super.
Jessie and Leroy (our hosts) were over today. We leave here Wednesday because our 14 days are up. We will move to Fairview State Park just down the road for 7 days and then we will probably come back here for a while. We were discussing reservations with them and checking out different sites. We kinda like the site next to them. Gives a view of the whole campground and we can see what is going on. They want us to come back so we can all go out to dinner at Louie and the Redheaded Lady. It is closed till next week for the holidays. Sounds good to me. They have seafood..yum!
Tomorrow I will trim Jessie's hair. She saw me giving Mel a haircut and asked if I cut hair. I told her "Only in the movies!". Sounded good enough to her so I will just give her a trim tomorrow.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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