Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The last few days have been busy. On Saturday I went to a Stamp and Scrap convention. That is for persons that either rubber stamp or make scrapbooks. I rubber stamp and make cards. It was so much fun seeing new products and how to use them. Many make and takes. I made 4 different cards. The only problem was.. I wanted everything I saw! It was a lot of fun. I met my friends Margo and Judy. I got home late afternoon. Mel said friends of ours called about going to dinner that evening. So I freshened up and they picked us up and we went out to Golden Coral. They had never been to one. We all ate quite well. Perhaps to well. We left Golden Coral and went to Lowe's and walked around some. Or should I say we waddled! That worked to help wear off some of fullness. They visited at our house for awhile. It was a very enjoyable day.
On Sunday we did more Christmas shopping. When we got home Mel took a nap and cleaned up around the house and did more laundry! I think I am done washing bedding, towels and such for the coach. I got my ironing done also. We had a lite dinner. I made chopped sirloin patties, rice and a salad. No dessert!
Monday I had an appointment and then met Lois for lunch. We had a nice lunch and then did some shopping. She had something to return to Target and also wanted to pick up a toy for her grandchildren. I stopped at Hallmark and we came home. We exchanged gifts. She gave me a really nice book on card making, a plaque to hang on my wall and a cross necklace. How nice is that! I also got her a necklace and she liked my towels at the house so I got her some. She was very happy also. While we were out it snowed. During lunch I looked out and it was like a blizzard! It did that for about 20 minutes then the sun came out. It kept doing that all day.
Today we went and brought an electric heater for the coach. Mel finally found one that puts out the 1500 watts it says it does. Cleaned up around the house and made dinner. We had pork chops, potatoes and peas. After that I went to get items I needed for baking cookies. Later Mel came to Best Buy with me to get the last present we have to buy!! Hooray! We are done. Now I have to wrap. :(
It has been cold here. I think todays high was 27. I did go for a walk with my neighbor Marlene. We get double exercise because we laugh so hard about stupid stuff when we are together. I just love her.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I do hope to get started on my cookies.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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