Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Haircut, carmel rolls and chocolates

Another beautiful day. Sunny, light breeze and about 69 degrees.
After coffee this morning and reading blogs it was time to get into the shower. I was barely out of the shower when Jessie came over. I trimed her hair. We chatted for a while and she invited us for carmel rolls and coffee once they were out of the oven.
I was doing my hair when the neighbor, Judy, came over with chocolates. They (her and Sid) made them yesterday. She wanted me to have some for helping her yesterday when she had laundry going and needed to help Sid with the candy. All I did was empty her dryer, fold the clothes and bring them back to her. The chocolates were/are so wonderful. Wonderful raspberry filling in some. Sid really knows how to make chocolates and I will appreciate every one of them.
After lunch Leroy came over to say rolls are ready. we were not very hungry since we just had lunch. Jessie brought out those rolls and they looked so good both Mel and I had to have one. The other camp hosts were also invited. A nice couple but I don't remember her name. His was Dave. We all sat around and talked and joked for awhile afterwards.
Back at the RV, Mel was reading. I went for a walk over to the other campground and back. Once I got back I read for awhile and then started dinner. Grilled hamburgers, fries,and pickles.
I got dishes cleaned up and now here I am.
We leave here tomorrow. Our 14 day limit is up. We will move to Fairview- Riverside SP for a week and we may come back here another 14 days. Leroy and Jessie want us to come back tomorrow night for a camp fire. ( New Years Eve)We may just do that since we are only a few miles down the road.
Stay well, be happy and smile

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