Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clouds, store closings, stew and pistolettes!

We woke to a cloudy day. I think the high was 68 and again, very humid. All this humidity has caused problems for the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. A 29 mile bridge that crosses the lake from north to south and the other way around. Fog has been so heavy that they have closed the causeway at times or escorted vehicles across. We are waiting for weather to clear so we can cross and see it all. The cold front is to come in tomorrow morning. Our temps will drop 20 degrees. Yikes! I guess we will turn off the a/c and turn on the heaters. Atleast it may be dryier! I am tired of the humidity.
After we had breakfast I did dishes and Mel went out to finish reading his book. I took a walk around the campground. Stopped to visit with the host and find out about any Christmas lights in any of the neighborhoods. Nothing that she knew of. She advised us that we NOT go into New Orleans after dark. She said it is still very dangerous. Alot of shootings and murders. Of course Mel thinks that means we should go just so he can prove her wrong.
We drove over to Covington to the Camping World. Mel wanted to look at a camping book. He decided not to buy it. Said it wasn't a very informative book. After that we drove to Madisonville to check out a Linens and Things Store that is going out of business. Last 3 days and nothing was left! Shucks! Throughout our travel this trip we have seen many stores that are closing the doors.
I had made a stew for dinner in the crock pot. When we got home I baked some pistolettes to go along with the stew. Everything was so good. OH, we found this bag of pistolette at the store yesterday. They are a bake and serve roll. A very crusty roll and very good! Yummmy!
After dinner I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I took another walk around the campground and gave the host money to pick us up a paper tomorrow. I think the hosts like us. They are over here a lot and always want to do something for us. I don't see them around the other campers. Hmmmm! They are nice people and fun to talk to.
Time to get ready for bed and veg out with the tv.
Stay well, be happy and smile


Anonymous said...

Hi People,
Yah, do try to wait until it's clear to drive the causway! It's pretty awesome! Don Marcis and I took that route to pick up his GMC MH at the Harley dealership in Lake Charles. I just had a hard time imagining what it was like for the workers who built it. I think there where very few who went home for lunch! You don't have to get very far off the road into the bayou? to be living in a place where you would never be found.
Good to see you enjoying your travels.

Kelly said...

Please don't be afraid to go to New Orleans. You will really miss out on one of the country's most beautiful, unique and historic places. I live near where you are staying, but NOLA is my hometown. Please stop by my blog and leave a message if you would like some recommendations on places to visit.