Friday, December 26, 2008

Hot, humid and the guy next door

Another record day here. It was 80 again. High humidity and we get lots of fog.

Our Christmas was quiet. Christmas eve we watched tv. I grilled steaks for us for dinner. Christmas day we stayed home. We sat outside most of the day and read our books. Talked to the neighbors and the hosts. We were going to go and see the fires along the Mississippi on Christmas eve but it was so foggy we just stayed home. It is a cajun thing that happens along the river. I made ham, potatoes, yams, corn and rolls for our dinner. We talked to John and he was going to his friends later in the day. After dinner Mel watched tv while reading his book and I was on the computer. I went into an rv chat room. Quite interesting, Nice people. We hit the sheets around midnight.

Today was another quiet day. I cleaned up around the coach and put the Christmas stuff away. We had to empty our holding tanks so that was done. Took showers and then sat outside. Talked with the hosts again. About 3:00 the activity increased around the campground. More and more campers arriving. Mostly from LA and families. We had a 5th wheel pull in next us. When he was letting his slides out his brackets broke off the slide. First the front one, he stopped and while looking at what happen the other one broke off. It is a new 5 th wheel. He was not a happy camper. Later, Mel noticed he turned on his a/c and it made a lot of noise and off it went. I think they are having the camping trip from hell. I feel bad for them. He is outside now doing something with his propane tanks..again. Hmmm, poor guy!

I made meal-in-a-peel for us for dinner. It was so good. We still have cake left so we will have that later.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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