Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I remember it all?

Well it has been 11 days since we left home. Now I will try to remember it all. The first day will be easy. We left home at 8:30 a.m. and headed south. We drove straight through the day and into the night. We arrived at the first rest area in Mississippi at 12:30 A.M.. It took us 16 hours .

We had stopped for breakfast in Westfield, WI., and then had sandwiches along the rest of the way. We pretty much fell into bed that night.

In the morning we drove to Enid Lake. A Corp. of Engineers, campground. We stayed at Wallace Creek campground. This is a very nice campground. We had 50 amp electric, water and a level concrete pad. About 6 other campers were in the campground. We could look out on to the lake from our site. That evening we had the most awesome sunset either of us had ever seen.

On Sunday (7th) we drove into Batesville ,MS., and explored the town. Went to a little cafe we had stopped at last year. I had a BBQ pork sandwich and Mel had the catfish. The catfish were not as good as last year. Mel said they were mushy! After we ate we picked up some milk and headed back home.

Monday we drove south to Grenada, MS to check out another COE campground on Grenada Lake. The lake was dried up! The campground was not much at all. Explored Grenada some and then went back home.

Tuesday we just veg'd out at home. Cleaned up and vaccumed.

Wednesday we went for a drive and discoverd another COE campground the other side of the dam. Again it is very nice and a COE campground. We like the COE's because with Mel's National Parks Golden Age Passport we pay half price. At Wallace Creek we paid 5.00 a night.

Wednesday we moved the other side of the dam to Persimmon Hill and paid 5.00 a night. We veg'd out for the next 2 days.

Saturday (13th) we drove to Collinsville, MS to another COE campground. This is just north of Meridan, MS.

Sunday (14th) we explored Meridan. Got groceries and gas for the car. (1.30/gal) Diesel prices for the coach have been 2.59- 1.99. Yup, we got diesel in Meridan for 1.99. We were so happy.

Monday (15) we moved to a campground in Poplarville, MS.. It seems like all the towns in MS have a "ville" on the name. Anyway, we stayed at Haas-cienda in Poplarville. It is a Passport America campground, a membership camping club. We get half price sites with this membership. In the book this campground sounded so wonderful. We needed to do laundry and it had a "laundry mat". We stayed 2 nights but it was not as grand as we thought. The laundry: had 6 washers, 2 worked. It had 6 dryers, 2 worked. The washers that did work, leaked. So the floors were wet and had puddles. I did the heavy stuff at the "laundry mat"and then did the rest in my washer in the coach. The floors were dirty and they had dogs and cats running loose everywhere.

On Tuesday we drove to the the Northshore area of Lake Pontchartrain to check it out for camping. We stopped in Slidell and had lunch at Raising Cain. They are fast food chicken strips. We had not been to one so decided to try it. They use the tenderloin part of the breast and they are wonderful. We had dinners that came with 3 strips, coleslaw, toast, and fries. Everything was good. After that we to Fairview-Riverside State Park. Checked out the park and the sites. Then we went to Foutainebleau State Park to check it out and the sites. We decided which one we move to and headed back home. We were going to check out the BBQ place in poplarville for dinner but it was closed. We came back home and I threw in the last of my laundry and we went to Pizza Hut. Bad pizza! Over cooked and no one cared except us!

Today, Wednesday, we moved to Fontainebleau State Park. It is beautiful here. We also have free WIFI. Thus the update. We are settled in and I have dinner cooking on the grill. Tonight is chicken, baked potatoes, and corn. When we were leaving the other campground this morning I threw my back out. We were hooking up the car and out it went. I can hurts so bad but with the help of some pain pills I am doing alright. Louisiana State Parks honor the Golden Age Passport also so we pay half price at the State Parks also. We have 50 amp electric, water and the free wifi. Tomorrow we go exploring around here. During our stay we will also go into New Orleans.
Dinner should be ready so I write again soon.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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