Friday, January 30, 2009

Suds, lunch and shopping

Oh no , It's Friday already! The days just fly by and now I will try to download my memory and see just what we did this week!
Tuesday was a work day. Time to suds my duds! After brunch I headed out to the the laundry. They only have 2 washers here so 4 loads take awhile. Took my book along. After I got the second round going I came back for the sheets I had forgotten to take off the bed. I started laundry at about 1 and got done at almost 5. Someone needs to invent the 5 minute wash and dry! I threw some potatoes in the oven and we headed off for showers. We had meal in peel for dinner then just sacked out with the tv. this was a fun day! First off Mel and LeRoy headed off to an Rv place in Hamilton to pick up parts LeRoy ordered as did Mel. They left about 8:45 in our car. At noon us "girls" ( Jessie, Sandy and Judy) planned to go to lunch. The guys also went to another rv place and got back at 11:45. We thought they would be back by 11. I think they went to the mall and went shoe shopping and just don't want to admit it. ;~o The girls headed off to Slidell to Bayou Country for lunch. This place was huge. We walked in and they had a store with all Louisiana products. That took up about 90% of the place. We finally found the cafe in the back. Ordered our lunches. I had the soup and 1/2 sandwich. Smoked chicken and a crab bisque. Oh my! That bisque was so good, and the sandwich wasn't bad either. After we ate we just had to walk around the store and shop. I picked up some goodies for gifts to bring home, along with some pralines for ME! I guess I will share a little with Mel. We all had our goodies and left so happy with our treasures. We tried to find the Barnes and Noble in Shildell but no luck. We got back around 3.
We had the leftover soup I made for dinner. I wished I had some crusty bread to go with it.
Thursday was a nothing day. We dumped tanks. Thought I would share that happy thought with you. I cleaned and vacuumed. We grilled steaks, and potatoes and also a pack of sweet potatoes. Mel loves potatoes cooked in a grill pack. I love the sweet potatoes grill packed. They were all so good.
Today, Friday, is still up in the air. I think we will go and get groceries. We leave here Monday with Dave and Sandy. We will follow them to Port Aransas,TX and camp on the beach. I will need to get groceries before we leave. I am looking forward to seeing an area we have not really been to before. A number of years ago we did got to Padre Islands while John was on spring break. We don't remember much of that trip, except John was awful sick.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prevost,cake and cooling off

Sunday was cloudy and rain so we just stayed in for the most part. I made my hamburger, vegetable and barley soup. It makes so much that I took some over to LeRoy and Jessie. I have no room in the freezer.

Sandy and went for a walk and ended up in the Prevost that is here in the campground. (Charolette and Dennis) Very interesting couple. I could listen to the stories they told for hours.They lived fulltime on a yacht for 9 years and a motorhome for 5 years. They were anchored on the Potomac River on Sept 11.(911) They told of the mayham in Washington that day. A very interesting couple.

When I got back we were invited to LeRoy and Jessie's for cake. Dave and Sandy were there also. We had a good time face flappin with everyone we talked to all day, everyday!

We got back home and finally had dinner. The soup was so good. I was tired by them so dishes waited till Monday while I veg'd out.

Monday we woke up to sun. By noon I had on a tee shirt and was out walking. By the time I got back it was cloudy, windy and I had to put on a sweatshirt. We decided to go out to Backyard Hamburger for dinner. Pretty good!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reservations and a jolt!

Another week has passed! I must have been busy doing something. I'll work on jogging my memory.
Monday I finally got a haircut. We drove into Slidell and went to the Walmart. Mel browsed the store while I got my ears lowered. We stopped at Taco Bell for some lunch. That was just ok. We drove about Slidell and Mel stopped at boating store and picked up something for the coach. Replaced a broken cup holder. Cheaper than an rv store.
Mel went back to Danny's Auto repair today. They were the first to try and fix our alternator problem. He talked to Danny about the charges and how they did not fix our problem. After much talk and stuff he gave us 100.00 back! A check of course. Banks were closed Monday so Tuesday morning Mel headed the bank that the check was written from. He had to put his thumb print on the check. It was cashed.
Tuesday was spent doing laundry. We had to move to Fairview on Wednesday so I wanted to get the laundry done here. I don't like the laundry at Fairview. After laundry I started to get things put away for the move. Tuesday evening LeRoy and Jessie came over for some face flappin.
Wednesday we said farewell, dumped our tanks and headed out for Fairview for our 7 days. Louisiana State Parks only allow you to stay for 14 days and then you have to out for 7 days. That is why we keep moving back and forth. Mel had made our reservations at Fairview and then back here at Fontainebleau. We arrived at fairview, went to the office reservation! What? I went back to the coach to get confirmation number. The girl in the office checked it and it was for Fontainebleau as was the one after the 7days there. Rats! They could not transfer the reservation or the payment. we would have to call headquarters and see if we could get our money back. Instead, Mel called Fontinebleau and talked to the manager. Told him of our mistake and if we could have an extension so we would not loose our payment. He told Mel he has to be more careful when using the internet but he would allow us to extend for the 12 more days we needed. Whew! So back to Fontainebleau we came. We drove in and I think LeRoys mouth dropped to the ground. He asks whats going on? we told him of Mel's error in reservations. We would rather be here anyway! We don't care for Fairview as much as here.
So are parked in our spot till the 2nd of Feb.. Then we hit the road!
Thursday was a quiet day. Jessie and I along with Sandy were going to go to quilting but Jessie was sick. She thought she had a flu but later thought it might be food poisoning. I went for my walk and we just chilled out for the day.
Friday was a jolting day. Mel was outside putting some tools of his away and got a shock from the coach. Hmmm. We thought it may be stray voltage. Mel told LeRoy about it and together they started to check things out. Then Dave came over to help. He is the other host. It finally came down to our electric cord... it had a bad end on it. We drove over to Slidell again to find ends for the cord and replace them. We hit the Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart. We also went to an electrical store. Mel finally found one of the ends he needed. He dropped me off at Pennys while he went to another store. I wanted to go to Pennys because they were having a buy one get one free sale on all clearance items. My neighbor from home told me about it when she called Thursday evening. She got almost 250.00 of clothes for a little over 40.00. I spent a half hour in the store and found....nothing! I did find one top but I could not another that I liked. So I put it back. Mel and I stopped and had a sandwich before heading home.
Saturday we were off to RV stores to look for the female cord end that Mel could not find on Friday. We also had a list from LeRoy and Jessie of a few items they wanted. We stopped at Berryland Campers and Camping World. Found almost everything we needed. Mel found the end we needed and a few more items. We got what L & J wanted except the camping directory. Back home again.
Just a quiet week in the life of a snowbird!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shrimp, campfire and dumplings

I have been doing so well at getting a walk in everyday. I am usually gone about an hour. I have been walking the 2 campgrounds here but I need to get over by the lake and check out that area. A horned owl has a home in the park and has has a baby. It is interesting to check it out daily.
Friday we did groceries. Mel also went to talk to the place that "tried" to fix the alternator for 200 plus dollars, and failed. The owner was not in. Friday night we went out to eat with both camp hosts ( LeRoy, Jessie, Sandy and Dave) also another couple from the park. (Mick and Ann) We went to Louie and the Redheaded Lady. Food was good but the service was terrible. I had AYCE shrimp. They were very good. After that the camp hosts came over for dessert. I made strawberry shortcake. We has a fun evening with much laughter.
Saturday was just another day around here. We putts around here. I went for my walk. We went over to check out the visitor center. Quite interesting. Displays on the history of the park. A man was whittling in the center. It was a small paddle. About 6 inches long. I was watching him and noticed another one laying by him. I wondered what he was making. So, I asked! I though he was making something for a display or something. He handed me the paddle and said I could have it. It was made from cypress shingles that were on a building in the park. The shingles were put on in the 30's by the CCC. The roof was replaced about a year ago. He carves different items from the shingles. I also bought a tee shirt. After dinner we went to LeRoy and Jessie's for a camp fire. Many couples attended and it was interesting to listen to the many tales.
Sunday was just a lazy day. Mel putted around doing and checking different things on the coach. I went for my walk and visited with Dave and Sandy for awhile. Our neighbors are a family traveling with there children. The dad is an insurance adjuster. They travel where ever he is needed. The children are home schooled. They worked as relief workers here after Katrina. The stories she told me are just horrible. They are leaving today and we wish them many safe travels. In the late afternoon I went over to show Jessie how to make dumplings. She has tried and tried to make them and they never turn out quite right. She made them with me showing her how we make ours. She did very well and they were delicious. She made chicken and dumplings. I had made that earlier in the week. After dinner we came home and had a quiet evening watching tv.
So goes the life of an RVer.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Friday, January 16, 2009

John's Day

Today is our son John's birthday!


We love ya and wish you a great day.

Life goes on!

It seems so boring around here now that we are repaired. With nothing to worry about I had go and do laundry. I had quite a bit to do. I am not sure how we had so much already. I think someone else added to it. I got it all done including the rugs. Took 2 1/2 hours but then I had nothing else to do.
When I got back Mel was at the neighbors. A gathering of the minds! Looked like a union meeting going on! The gathering was by Roger and Delores' trailer. Delores brought out King Cake for everyone. King Cake is a big thing here during Mardi Gras. It is like a cinnamon bread only in an oval and is filled with cream cheese or a pudding. A baby is baked inside. A little plastic baby doll. Whoever gets the baby has to buy the next King Cake and host the party. Both King Cakes we have partaken in had the baby on the outside of the cake. We think that may be for liability reasons. Someone could choke on that baby doll. The cake has a heavy glaze on it and then colored sugar. The sugar is almost as thick as the glaze. You would surely have sugar fix if you have a piece. I scrape most of the glaze and sugar off. We have not gone into New Orleans for any Mardi Gras events yet. I really don't think we will. We have events going on around this area also. Every weekend many different "balls" are going on all around New Orleans and the area. I was told a woman never wears the same gown twice to a ball during Madri Gras. Each "ball" she wears a NEW gown. How come a man can wear the same tux but a woman has to wear a new gown? Now I know why I see so many Gown Shops here.
After our visit and King Cake I drove to Slidell with Sandy. Sandy and her husband Dave are the hosts on the other side of the campground. We went over to go to Hancock Fabrics. She had been wanting to go for a while but didn't know where it was. I had seen it on a couple of our trips to and through Slidell. I took her and she was so happy. She wanted to get fabric to make fleece throw blankets. The kind that does not need to be sewn. You just cut and tie. I have seen them but never made one so I got some fabric also. Sandy and I will make throws.
Sandy and Dave will leave here the end of the month for Port Aransas Texas. We are going to go with them. They camp on the beach. This will be a new adventure for us and we are looking forward to it.
We got back in time for CSI. Grissom's last show. I think he made the whole show. It will be interesting to see how the show goes without him.
We were in bed by 9:45!
Stay well, be Happy and smile!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We carefully brought out of her coma. She awoke slowly. At first no sign of charging! Arghhhhhhhh! Then it happen. The needle jumped up and it was charging. Hooray! We went out for a ride. The last time we thought it was fixed it broke 12 miles down the road. So, the big test. We got on the interstate. Drove into MS. We drove about 40 miles. All is fine. We stopped at a casino and went in to have the buffet. Came back out. Started her back up. At first she did not start charging right away. Again, all of sudden she started charging. We drove home. After 80 miles it is decided that we may finally be mobile again. We were gone so long that LeRoy called to see if we were alright. Once we got back to our camp site we had quite a gathering. Seems many people were concerned about us.
We are feeling so good that we are both exhausted! It will be an early bed night.
Thanks to everyone for advice and good wishes.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Transplant update

So far the transplant has been a success. The alternator is charging. Tomorrow a test drive will be done and that should tell us the outcome.
It has been a terrible 13 days. So many "fixes" and then the let down. So far this has been the best result we have had. This one was done on our own also. So other than parts we did not have to pay anyone. Whew! It was getting expensive!
Today I went with Jessie and Sandy to the quilt club at Jessie's church. We tied a couple of quilts that they give out to Hospice and such. It was a good time and relaxing. When I returned Mel had everything taken care of with the alternator. Moods are much better here tonight. It was getting pretty crabby around here and it got worse each day.
Last night Jessie and LeRoy had us over for dinner. She made pea soup from scratch and it was wonderful.
The weather has turned cooler here. High the past few days has only been around 59. That is alright with me. Better than the humidity. We sleep much better also when it is cooler. We like the bedroom around 60.
Stay well, be happy and smile.

Day 13, appendage

Day 13 and the appendage has been removed. During a highly skilled procedure yesterday in Slidell an unusual growth was apparent. Along with a non responsive internal organ. A donor was found and new organ is being transferred here. We should know by later today if the transplant was a success and if the patient will survive.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Prosthesis or not? This is a question!

It is day 12 of the on going drama of the alternator. What will happen today? Mel is off to Slidell to another Alternator and Starter business. Also, a stop at Oscar's. Oscar is an older man that does repair at his home. He told Mel on Friday that he could get it running. So... can it repaired or will we have to amputate? Prosthesis?

Friday, January 9, 2009


Just to let everyone know. We are still handicapped! we had 3 fixes done to the alternator and it is still broken. Argh! Mel is totally stressed out and I am worried about him and the stupid alternator. We did get moved back to Fountainebleau State Park. LeRoy and Jessie are helping us as much as they can. What will happen next is a darn good question. We are off to find a alternator place in Shildell. I pray for answers.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good, bad and yummy!

Started out to be a nice day. It was sunny and a little cool.
I went to get groceries. Many shelves were empty. A lot of people must of had house parties. I got most of what was on my list. The few things that were out of stock I can wait on.
When I got back Mel was checking into things on the coach. He noticed that when we drove over here yesterday, the batteries were not charging. He checked out the isolator, it was good. Checked fuses... those were good. Went on line and checked some other things. When he went back to look at the engine area again..well, that is where it all went bad. He saw a wire off of the alternator. I found it he says. Thinking he would just have to wire the wire back up. Wrong! The connector was broke also. Drats! We don't know if the wire can be fixed or if the alternator shorted out form the broken wire. So we will look for a repair place tomorrow. We did go online and found some places to call tomorrow. I get so stressed out whenever something happens and then I just want to sell this RV and stay home. Well, we will see what tomorrow brings.
On a good note. We had a wonderful dinner tonight. I made baby back ribs and baked potatoes. The ribs were so good. I mix up a rub that we just love. The ribs come out so tender and full of flavor.
More fireworks are going off tonight along the river. Have not gone out to see any though.
Stay well, be happy and smile!


Happy New Year everyone!
We moved over to Fairview State Park yesterday. Such a long drive! (11 miles) We got set up but no Direct TV. To many trees in our way. Local tv only. Do you think Mel will survive?
We were invited back to Fontainebleau for a camp fire last night. We went over around 6 ish. Leroy, Jessie, Sandy and Dave. We could hear fireworks going off. Lots of them. Jessie served King cake. Yummy! She got the piece with the baby in it. Well, actually, the baby was on top instead of in the cake. She decided she would take it. Tradition is that who ever gets the baby has to buy the next King cake and host the party. We had a nice time sitting around the campfire and just talking and laughing with some very nice new friends. We left about 9 and then drove down to the lake front. Thought we might we see some fireworks. Only a family with children in the park and sparklers.
On the drive home we could see fireworks in the sky all over in different sub-divisions. Once we got back here we had lots fireworks. The homes around the park were shooting off some pretty nice big ones. The park is along the Tchefuncte River. At midnight I think every home along the river was shooting off fireworks of some kind. We went outside and everywhere we looked we saw the sky lit up. Unbelievable! It was so pretty!
It was cooler this morning when we got up..42! Kind of an overcast day with little peaks of sun so far.
Stay well, be happy and smile!