Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Another beautiful day! Sunny and in the 60's. We started out our day by going to vote. Yuppers, we did the early voting thing. After that we were off to to get additive for the fuel for the coach. Also got some black top patch for the driveway. Back at home again I went out to the coach to get all the freezables out. Then I vaccumed. So now when we pull out after Thanksgiving, it will be clean, and all I will have to do is load it up.
We have also turned into wimps. Yup, that's right. You see we had a waterbed in the house. It sprung a leak about 2 months ago. So, we bit the bullet and bought a new mattress. We were so use to getting into a warm bed that when it cooled off here, we got cold crawling into that plain ole bed. We have a bed warmer in the coach and love it. So, off to Sam's Club for a heated mattress pad. We are in heaven. He has his control and I have mine. No arguing over how hot or cold it is.
The trick and treaters will start soon. I just love seeing the kids and hearing about what they are.
Tomorrow I am off to a craft sale with friends and then lunch. We have our Christmas at Thanksgiving so I need to get my shopping done. Everyone gave some pretty basic lists this year. We hope to get out of here this year as soon as we can after Thanksgiving. I don't know where we will start our adventure this year. We always end up in AZ during January. Perhaps we can explore some of MS, LA and more of Texas before heading into AZ.
Well you have a good Halloween and watch out for those goblins!!
Stay well, be happy and smile.

Oh yeah....BOO!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A week in review!

It has been a while but I will try to update this past week.
I was quite achey after the yard work. I also have managed quite well to avoid it since. I will have to get out and do more yet but , as I said I am doing quite well at avoiding it.
Last Friday I attended the funeral of John's friend grandmother. She was a special lady to all who knew her. John had built a fence for her last year. Her fence around her patio was needing to be replaced. Since no one else was in any hurry to get it done for her, John stepped up to the plate and got it done. It was a job he did very well. She was thrilled! It was a sad funeral but I saw how much she was loved by all. May she rest in peace.
After that I came home and finished packing the coach and off we went on our "snowball" camping trip with friends. It was raining on Friday and cold! We arrived at the campground about 4:30. Got set up and had dinner. About 6:30 our friends pulled in. After they were set up and settled we sat and talked in there trailer. We were all tired and called it a night quite early. We were in bed by 9:50!!! Even more of a surprise.. we did not get up till almost 10 the next morning. We had breakfast and Pete started a fire. The rain had stopped and we had a breeze. I think the high was 45 or so. We sat around the fire to stay warm and talked. It really was quite boring but yet we enjoyed it. Sunday Pete and Jeannie pulled out about 10:30. They wanted to get home and have some time to get ready for another work week. We left about noon. We took a different route home. Traveling the back roads to Shawano. A nice ride. Once on Hwy 29 we were moving right along. we stopped at the truck stop in Wittenberg to eat. Bad choice! I had ordered a roast beef dinner. It had no taste at all. I sent it back and had a bowl of soup. We got home about 4 and unloaded the coach.
Monday my friend Margo came over and we made Christmas cards. I made lunch for us (manicotti) and she brought dessert( lemon poppy seed bread w/lemon frosting) We made cards till around 4:30. The rubber stamps were getting a work out! After that, we made a quick trip to Michaels Crafts, for some supplies for some new ideas we had.
I warmed up the leftover manicotti for Mel and I for dinner. Then put the rest in a container to take to John. I went out for my walk with my neighbor.
Today was sunny and warm. We ran some errands and stopped at Rick's. He told us about his last robot event he was at in Austin,TX.. Alex and Rachel were home. No school, teachers convention. I noticed this brace thing on Rachels hand and asked what happened. The day before at school, while having a wheelbarrow race, she tumbled, and broke her hand. She did not appear to be in pain but I was thinking " that had to hurt." I feel bad for her.
Tonight after dinner we settled in to watch Survivor and CSI.
Tomorrow I need to get all the freezeables out of the coach. That will also give me a chance to go through it all and take out what we do not need.
That's all here. Just a boring life but fun none the less.
Take care. Toodles

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hard days night

We had a pretty nice day weather wise. It was sunny and about 55. I decided it was time to get out in the yard and dig up my flower bulbs for the winter. Got them all dug up, washed off and now they are out on the patio drying. Our low tonight is suppose to be 27! So,out I went to cover the bulbs. I took a pot of plants to Lois. The flower pot was hers. She had brought over a year ago for me to save a plant that was in it. This spring I could not figure out where the pot came from. So, I filled with flowers and put on our front step. Sometime in July I find out it is Lois's flower pot. She said I should just keep it till my flowers die down. I took it over to her today and the flowers are still going strong in it. She wants to take it to the school she works at and keep it going over winter. I hope it works for her. After that I started to clean up the leaves in the yard. I got the leaf blower and went to work. Mel came out after a while to help. Our neighbors, Meryl and Betty, came walking by and we talked to them for a while. Then Meryl came back with his leaf blower and gave it to Mel to use. About this time I was ready to quit. It was almost 5:00 and time to get dinner going. We kept on blowing till Meryl's ran out of gas. Then we were just about to quit and Meryl pulled up in his truck. Walkes around to the back. I asked " You got a load of Mexicans in there?" He laughed, pulled out a gas can, filled the blower up, started it up and handed it to Mel again. Well, I guess we are gonna keep on blowing leaves! :p We worked till 5:30 then we did quit. Put everything away and I went in to get dinner done. I had put steak and gravy in the crockpot this morning so all I had left to do was make some rice, corn and bread. John comes over for dinner on Mondays. He loves steak and gravy. We had a wonderful dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen. I was aching from the work today but, never fear, I still did my 45 minute walk after dishes. I really do ache. I took a shower and now I am ready for bed,but, I think it will be hard days night. I ache so bad. Tomorrow is laundry and housecleaning. Am I punishing myself or what?
Have a good night. Stay safe.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It worked!

So I made a post. Then went to my page and it all came up the way I set it up. The right template everything. Hooray! Well, enjoy the blog. I will try to post as often as I can but it may not be everyday.

I think I did it!

Well, I think I started a blog. I am not sure about a number of things. One being that this is not the template I chose. I have tried to change it twice but it keeps coming back to this one. Hmmmm.
Another is that when I enter my web address it does not come up. Hmmmm. So I thought I would try a post and see what happens when I do that.
So I will tell you about my day or perhaps my week end. It started with the promise to a friend that I would attend her house party. She just said it was a party that sold just about anything but she did not know the name of it. Well, I went , as promised. When I arrived I noticed a few items on a table and went to check them out. About 15 items. Dolls, ornaments, dragon figures, candles and a plant stand. A few people were late so we waited for them to arrive. The party started. The lady told us her name and the name of her company and the company she purchases items from. She then picked up each item and told us what it was. ( This is a candle. I have many candles for you to chose from. These are Christmas ornaments and if you want to view them all you can come up and see them on your own.) Well, she did this with all 15 items and then told us we could view more items in the catalog. Ok. The catalog was 2 iches thick!! It basically was over priced junk. I ordered a candle and a flower pot and left. Shortly after arriving back home John arrived. I had made an apple pandowdy for him and applesauce. He had come over to pick them up and feed his fish he still has here. (He moved out 7 weeks ago and still has his fish tanks here) We visited with him for awhile. It is always good to see him and visit. After he left, Mel and I went out for pizza. We called ahead so it was ready when we got there. Ran into friends of ours. They want us to go pick apples with them and then go out to eat at a place they know up north that has a chicken buffet on Sundays. Sounds good to me! With tummies full and a good visit with friends we headed home.
Sunday was about as boring. It is our anniversary so we went out to dinner at Texas Road House. The first time we went to this place we had horrible food. We tried it again this past summer and it was wonderful so we went back today. Todays meal was great. The steaks were tender,and the sides were good also. After we ate we went for a ride about the town. Just riding and talking. As we were about home our son called to tell us that his friends grandma passed on. This was sad news. We call her grandma also. She was the sweetest lady and everyone loved her. She had cancer and even though we knew it was comming we are very sad about losing her. May she rest in peace.
After we got home I went for a long walk. Thats my week end.
Have good evening. Stay well, be happy and smile!