Thursday, October 30, 2008

A week in review!

It has been a while but I will try to update this past week.
I was quite achey after the yard work. I also have managed quite well to avoid it since. I will have to get out and do more yet but , as I said I am doing quite well at avoiding it.
Last Friday I attended the funeral of John's friend grandmother. She was a special lady to all who knew her. John had built a fence for her last year. Her fence around her patio was needing to be replaced. Since no one else was in any hurry to get it done for her, John stepped up to the plate and got it done. It was a job he did very well. She was thrilled! It was a sad funeral but I saw how much she was loved by all. May she rest in peace.
After that I came home and finished packing the coach and off we went on our "snowball" camping trip with friends. It was raining on Friday and cold! We arrived at the campground about 4:30. Got set up and had dinner. About 6:30 our friends pulled in. After they were set up and settled we sat and talked in there trailer. We were all tired and called it a night quite early. We were in bed by 9:50!!! Even more of a surprise.. we did not get up till almost 10 the next morning. We had breakfast and Pete started a fire. The rain had stopped and we had a breeze. I think the high was 45 or so. We sat around the fire to stay warm and talked. It really was quite boring but yet we enjoyed it. Sunday Pete and Jeannie pulled out about 10:30. They wanted to get home and have some time to get ready for another work week. We left about noon. We took a different route home. Traveling the back roads to Shawano. A nice ride. Once on Hwy 29 we were moving right along. we stopped at the truck stop in Wittenberg to eat. Bad choice! I had ordered a roast beef dinner. It had no taste at all. I sent it back and had a bowl of soup. We got home about 4 and unloaded the coach.
Monday my friend Margo came over and we made Christmas cards. I made lunch for us (manicotti) and she brought dessert( lemon poppy seed bread w/lemon frosting) We made cards till around 4:30. The rubber stamps were getting a work out! After that, we made a quick trip to Michaels Crafts, for some supplies for some new ideas we had.
I warmed up the leftover manicotti for Mel and I for dinner. Then put the rest in a container to take to John. I went out for my walk with my neighbor.
Today was sunny and warm. We ran some errands and stopped at Rick's. He told us about his last robot event he was at in Austin,TX.. Alex and Rachel were home. No school, teachers convention. I noticed this brace thing on Rachels hand and asked what happened. The day before at school, while having a wheelbarrow race, she tumbled, and broke her hand. She did not appear to be in pain but I was thinking " that had to hurt." I feel bad for her.
Tonight after dinner we settled in to watch Survivor and CSI.
Tomorrow I need to get all the freezeables out of the coach. That will also give me a chance to go through it all and take out what we do not need.
That's all here. Just a boring life but fun none the less.
Take care. Toodles

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