Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Another beautiful day! Sunny and in the 60's. We started out our day by going to vote. Yuppers, we did the early voting thing. After that we were off to to get additive for the fuel for the coach. Also got some black top patch for the driveway. Back at home again I went out to the coach to get all the freezables out. Then I vaccumed. So now when we pull out after Thanksgiving, it will be clean, and all I will have to do is load it up.
We have also turned into wimps. Yup, that's right. You see we had a waterbed in the house. It sprung a leak about 2 months ago. So, we bit the bullet and bought a new mattress. We were so use to getting into a warm bed that when it cooled off here, we got cold crawling into that plain ole bed. We have a bed warmer in the coach and love it. So, off to Sam's Club for a heated mattress pad. We are in heaven. He has his control and I have mine. No arguing over how hot or cold it is.
The trick and treaters will start soon. I just love seeing the kids and hearing about what they are.
Tomorrow I am off to a craft sale with friends and then lunch. We have our Christmas at Thanksgiving so I need to get my shopping done. Everyone gave some pretty basic lists this year. We hope to get out of here this year as soon as we can after Thanksgiving. I don't know where we will start our adventure this year. We always end up in AZ during January. Perhaps we can explore some of MS, LA and more of Texas before heading into AZ.
Well you have a good Halloween and watch out for those goblins!!
Stay well, be happy and smile.

Oh yeah....BOO!

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