Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beignets,Fairview and Slidell

We ventured out today! We went to the farmers market. It is held on the Tammany Trailhead. Only produce we saw was grapefruit! The rest was all crafts. Nice crafts but I was not looking for them. We browsed about but did not purchase anything. On to Cafe De Monde and beignets! Oh they were so good! Fried dough puffs with lots of powdered sugar. Three bienets for 1.82. It was enough for both of us. A cup of coffee and we were set. On to the French Market. A produce store, along with shrimp, crawdads and all that other seafood stuff. Finally got some produce. Onions, grapefruit, pears and peaches. Nice sweet onions for making onion rings! Mmmmmm!
Stopped at Ace hardware to check propane prices. $3.33 with the tax.
Drove to Fairview State Park to check if they had openings starting the 31st. NO! We have been here for 14 days and need to move on the 31st. We didn't want to travel on a holiday so we thought we would move about 10 miles down the road to Fairview. Now what? Don't know!
We went Times Grill for lunch. Home of the world's best hamburger. Mel had a hamburger and said it was very good. I had a grilled chicken pasta bowl that was wonderful.
We headed back to the campground but drove past it. Mel drove to Slidell. We drove down by the bridge area that was hit quite badly by Katrina. It has been 3 years (and of course Gustav went through) and it still looks devastated! So many houses gone and so many being worked on. Yet, many lots and homes for sale. In the marsh area we saw boats overturned, an outhouse, and a car! I asked Mel if he could imagine coming home to nothing? He gave me a weird look. Oh yeah, we did that once! Our home burned down and all we had was the clothes on our backs. My heart really goes out to all the people here.
Time to go home. We got home and took a walk around the campground. Lots of famlies here and lots of kids on bicycles. Chatted with the hosts again.
I don't think we need dinner tonight. we ate far to much already today. Maybe just a salad.
Stay well, be happy and smile!
Oh, we went online and got a reservation at Fairview!

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