Sunday, November 9, 2008

The "Wall"

It was 27 degrees when we got up this morning. The warmest it got today was 30. I think it is time we moved Thanksgiving to the middle of October! We celebrate our Thanksgiving and Christmas that day and then we leave. I do not like loading in the cold and snow. On a good note... we did not get the 3 inches of snow they said we were going to get.
I baked banana muffins today and got chicken marinating for tomorrow. After that I read a new cook book. For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs. I guess the cook book did not inspire me much. :p
We watched a program today about the "The Wall" . The Vietnam memorial. I was surprised to learn that a group of vets from Wisconsin built a motorcycle and took it to the memorial and left it. The motorcycle was a memorial to the 14 missing in the war from Wisconsin. On the gas tank the name of all 14 men is painted on. The dog tags from the missing men are also hanging on the handlebars. How cool is that? I think the guys that did this have done a wonderful job. They are also building or have built a museum with everything people have left at the Wall. We have been to the Wall twice. It is an amazing place and it really plays on ones emotions. I look forward to going back and visiting both. Tuesday is Veterans Day and it is an honor to thank everyone of those brave men.
John should be arriving back home tonight from Chicago. I don't know if he is picking up the cat tonight or tomorrow. I hope tomorrow. After we hear from him I will go to Walmart to return some books. Walmart won't be busy at 9:00 at night, will it? LOL!
Till next time.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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