Saturday, November 29, 2008

What is wrong with this turkey?

HI! Come on in and let's chat. I'll tell you all about our Thanksgiving. I got the turkey ready and into the oven by 9:00. I was given a new roaster to try. A nice new open one like you see on all those cooking shows. Usually, I do the turkey in my Nesco roaster. So, alright, I will try this "new" roaster. About 11:00 I thought, I should be smelling that turkey by now. I went to check on it. It was cooking but did not look much different then when I put it in. Hmmm. I put the oven thermometer in to check the oven. It read 350, just like I had it set. A 12 pound turkey should cook in 4 hours and it was in for 2 already and not much of a change. Went back to getting other things done and ready for dinner. About 12:15 I check the turkey again, thinking I need to start basting this bird. The darn thing still looks the same as when I put it the oven. What the heck is going on? I, again, check the temp in the oven with a different thermometer. Reads 350. I'm thinking that my 2:00 meal is just not gonna happen. At 12:45 everybody is here and hungry. My daughter-in-law, Rose, and I go check the bird again. Doesn't look good. We keep basting it. At 1:30, it is getting brown but still looks undone. We check it with a meat thermometer. It is about 150. At 2:00 I could not take it anymore. I got out the Nesco, put the turkey in it. We kept on basting it. Rose was standing by the roaster, with hands over it, encouraging the turkey to cook. Telling it how nice it was and how good it was going to be. Finally, at 3:00 it was done. It took 6 hours to cook a 12 pound turkey. It was not frozen, I buy fresh. We sat down to eat about 3:20-30. The turkey was good but not as tender as usual. Note to self: cook turkey in Nesco, always. You got to wonder: how long did it take to kill this turkey? In the 30 years I have cooked a turkey,I have never had this happen. Do you know what could have gone wrong?
After the clean up we had our Christmas. Presents were opened. Then the boys got into the X-box and games. Last we will hear from them for a few hours!
About 8:00 we had ham and a bunch of snack foods. The ham cooked just fine in the very same oven as that darn turkey. With our tummies full for the second time it was time to call it a night.

Black Friday! I went to Walmart around 2 pm to get a haircut. Thankfully I had an appointment. The parking lot was beyond full. I parked over by the Sam's Club gas station. After I was done I went to pick up coffee. I was lucky and a check out opened up just as I was walking up. That was luck. I could have used that luck while cooking that turkey. We stayed in the rest of the day.

Today, we met Mel's cousins at Wausau Mine for lunch. We had a nice visit and a just ok lunch. I mailed out my Christmas cards today. I cleaned up around the house, did laundry, and started gathering clothes to take along. I think we may leave on Wednesday. We still have to check out the weather for this week. Once we are on the road I do not know when or where I will have internet service. Thus, my posts may become quite sparse at times.
Tomorrow we take our granddaughter to lunch and then shopping for her birthday. Her birthday is Dec 20, but we will not be here. I will also drop my house plants off at a friends for the winter.
Till next time.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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