Monday, December 22, 2008

St Bernard Parish, cookies and cheer!

It was 33 when we got up and cloudy. Soon the sun pokes his head through and decided to stay. How sweet of him. We went exploring today. We drove down towards New Orleans but went east and into St Bernard Parish. Katrina had hit here hard and I believe this the area of much flooding also. After 3 years a lot has been repaired but many reminders still remain. We did see houses that still had the painted X on them. I forget what all went into the X but I do remember that the date it was searched was at the top, I think the right side told if any bodies, the bottom may have said if people were rescued. Now remember, I am not real sure on that or the order it was in. We saw homes with roofs gone, half a home and lots of debris. We drove in to check out St Bernard State Park. A nice park.They had many sites open. After we left the park we drove to Port Nickel, I think that was the name of the town, and we took the free ferry across the Mississippi. How cool is that! We drove north to Business 90 and went west into Westwego. We stayed in Westwego last 2 times we were here at the state park. We took 90 across the river again. We crossed on the Huey P. Long Bridge. A old bridge that scares the you know what out of me. It was not to bad in the car but, in the coach...Yikes! I did not like that. We stopped on the other side and ate. We had Raising Cane, which is a chicken strip fast food. The strips are the tenderloin part of the breast and are they ever yummie. We drove north and took the causeway across the Lake back to the northshore area where we are camped. We stopped for paper towels in Mandeville. That area is always so busy. On our way back to the campground we took a side road and went into neighborhoods to look at the lights. We saw some beautiful decorations. We like to drive around and see the Christmas decorations. When we got home we had note on the door from the host and his wife. They invited us over for cookies and cheer tomorrow afternoon. Sounds good to me. I am all for cheer. One of the homes we drove past tonight, a lady was out in the yard, and I was going to ask if we could come for Christmas dinner, but I was nice and didn't.
I did buy a ham to cook for us.
John seems to be improving a little everyday. I am always happy to hear from him and know that he is doing well. The closer we get to Christmas I get depressed. I always worry about John and his being alone. On Christmas day, later in the day, he does go over to a friends. I just get so sad thinking about him alone on Christmas eve and the day. I always want to stay home till after Christmas but we never do.
Tomorrow I think I will strip the bed and wash the sheets before we go to our cookies and cheer.
Till then..
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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