Thursday, December 18, 2008


We awoke to sunshine today. A nice change from the cloudy days we have had all week. We drove around the neighborhoods here that are by the Lake. The houses are huge! I would say the houses are about 6 times the size of ours. Most all of them built on pillars. Beautiful homes. Although I would not want to live in a house that big, nor heat or a/c it. Let alone clean it. I suppose that if you have a home that big you probably have a maid or cleaning people come in.
Tonight we drove back to that neighborhood to see the Christmas lights. Not many very lit up much to my surprise. A park along the lake had all the trees wrapped in lights, the gazebo was all in lights and lights along the walk path. That was very pretty.
John made it through a whole day of work today and was actually hungry when he got home. With mono the doctor said he would not have much of an appetite. So far he has not eaten much but tonight he said he ate well. His best bet for getting over this soon is to eat, sleep and not get stressed. Hopefully, he will get over this fast.
My back is much better tonight, as long as I keep taking drugs! I did not sleep well last night. Every move caused me pain. I think tonight will be much better.
It was 77 here today. A record high for this time of the year. We still have a very high humidity. A cold front is on the way. I checked weather at home this morning and it was -15! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! Tomorrow they get snow.
Time for me to get ready for bed. Till tomorrow, and hopefully a more exciting day...
Stay well, be happy and smile!
Oh, on the trees here a plant called "resurrection fern" grows on the bark. When it is dry it turns brown and looks dead. After a rain it gets green again. The camp host brought us some. I now need to look for something to put it in. It is a dainty fern and quite interesting.

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Enjoy the fern