Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slow week

It has not been a very exciting week. Not much in news here.
We had snow this morning!! Yes, snow! It was staying on the ground too. As of now it is gone. I heard on the radio we could get up to 3 inches tonight.
I drove to Stevens Point today to go to a Holiday Boutique.(craft sale) Margo and I were to go but she had called this morning to say she was to sick to go. She has a really bad cold and did not sleep all night. So, off I went by myself. It was a 30 minute drive but it was relaxing. I didn't buy much. A snowflake necklace and earrings for me, a pottery garlic keeper for John and some almonds for Mel. Big spender, I am! I ran into my cousin and she told me about another sale in that town. It was a "home party sale". Products that you buy at home Parties such as Tupperware, pampered chef,stampin up etc.. I went to that and brought some Tupperware I had been looking for to use in the coach. It was cash and carry and no taxes. Such a deal! The tupperware was half price and with no sales tax. I also bought some hand lotion from a company called BeautiControl. They do home spa parties. Interesting products. Then I went over to the K Mart. Since ours closed I kinda miss that store. Didn't really buy anything but had fun looking around.
On my way home I stopped at Kitchens Collections and picked a few items. I wanted to get an oven mat for my toaster oven. I got the toaster oven yesterday at Sam's Club. We had gone to check out X-box games for our grandson and found this oven in the close outs. The box was damaged but the oven was fine and it was marked down half price. It is a nice Black and Decker one that is also a convention oven and big enough to cook a pizza!
That wraps up this week. Only 4 more weeks and we are out of here!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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