Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year everyone!
We moved over to Fairview State Park yesterday. Such a long drive! (11 miles) We got set up but no Direct TV. To many trees in our way. Local tv only. Do you think Mel will survive?
We were invited back to Fontainebleau for a camp fire last night. We went over around 6 ish. Leroy, Jessie, Sandy and Dave. We could hear fireworks going off. Lots of them. Jessie served King cake. Yummy! She got the piece with the baby in it. Well, actually, the baby was on top instead of in the cake. She decided she would take it. Tradition is that who ever gets the baby has to buy the next King cake and host the party. We had a nice time sitting around the campfire and just talking and laughing with some very nice new friends. We left about 9 and then drove down to the lake front. Thought we might we see some fireworks. Only a family with children in the park and sparklers.
On the drive home we could see fireworks in the sky all over in different sub-divisions. Once we got back here we had lots fireworks. The homes around the park were shooting off some pretty nice big ones. The park is along the Tchefuncte River. At midnight I think every home along the river was shooting off fireworks of some kind. We went outside and everywhere we looked we saw the sky lit up. Unbelievable! It was so pretty!
It was cooler this morning when we got up..42! Kind of an overcast day with little peaks of sun so far.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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