Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reservations and a jolt!

Another week has passed! I must have been busy doing something. I'll work on jogging my memory.
Monday I finally got a haircut. We drove into Slidell and went to the Walmart. Mel browsed the store while I got my ears lowered. We stopped at Taco Bell for some lunch. That was just ok. We drove about Slidell and Mel stopped at boating store and picked up something for the coach. Replaced a broken cup holder. Cheaper than an rv store.
Mel went back to Danny's Auto repair today. They were the first to try and fix our alternator problem. He talked to Danny about the charges and how they did not fix our problem. After much talk and stuff he gave us 100.00 back! A check of course. Banks were closed Monday so Tuesday morning Mel headed the bank that the check was written from. He had to put his thumb print on the check. It was cashed.
Tuesday was spent doing laundry. We had to move to Fairview on Wednesday so I wanted to get the laundry done here. I don't like the laundry at Fairview. After laundry I started to get things put away for the move. Tuesday evening LeRoy and Jessie came over for some face flappin.
Wednesday we said farewell, dumped our tanks and headed out for Fairview for our 7 days. Louisiana State Parks only allow you to stay for 14 days and then you have to out for 7 days. That is why we keep moving back and forth. Mel had made our reservations at Fairview and then back here at Fontainebleau. We arrived at fairview, went to the office reservation! What? I went back to the coach to get confirmation number. The girl in the office checked it and it was for Fontainebleau as was the one after the 7days there. Rats! They could not transfer the reservation or the payment. we would have to call headquarters and see if we could get our money back. Instead, Mel called Fontinebleau and talked to the manager. Told him of our mistake and if we could have an extension so we would not loose our payment. He told Mel he has to be more careful when using the internet but he would allow us to extend for the 12 more days we needed. Whew! So back to Fontainebleau we came. We drove in and I think LeRoys mouth dropped to the ground. He asks whats going on? we told him of Mel's error in reservations. We would rather be here anyway! We don't care for Fairview as much as here.
So are parked in our spot till the 2nd of Feb.. Then we hit the road!
Thursday was a quiet day. Jessie and I along with Sandy were going to go to quilting but Jessie was sick. She thought she had a flu but later thought it might be food poisoning. I went for my walk and we just chilled out for the day.
Friday was a jolting day. Mel was outside putting some tools of his away and got a shock from the coach. Hmmm. We thought it may be stray voltage. Mel told LeRoy about it and together they started to check things out. Then Dave came over to help. He is the other host. It finally came down to our electric cord... it had a bad end on it. We drove over to Slidell again to find ends for the cord and replace them. We hit the Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart. We also went to an electrical store. Mel finally found one of the ends he needed. He dropped me off at Pennys while he went to another store. I wanted to go to Pennys because they were having a buy one get one free sale on all clearance items. My neighbor from home told me about it when she called Thursday evening. She got almost 250.00 of clothes for a little over 40.00. I spent a half hour in the store and found....nothing! I did find one top but I could not another that I liked. So I put it back. Mel and I stopped and had a sandwich before heading home.
Saturday we were off to RV stores to look for the female cord end that Mel could not find on Friday. We also had a list from LeRoy and Jessie of a few items they wanted. We stopped at Berryland Campers and Camping World. Found almost everything we needed. Mel found the end we needed and a few more items. We got what L & J wanted except the camping directory. Back home again.
Just a quiet week in the life of a snowbird!
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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