Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good, bad and yummy!

Started out to be a nice day. It was sunny and a little cool.
I went to get groceries. Many shelves were empty. A lot of people must of had house parties. I got most of what was on my list. The few things that were out of stock I can wait on.
When I got back Mel was checking into things on the coach. He noticed that when we drove over here yesterday, the batteries were not charging. He checked out the isolator, it was good. Checked fuses... those were good. Went on line and checked some other things. When he went back to look at the engine area again..well, that is where it all went bad. He saw a wire off of the alternator. I found it he says. Thinking he would just have to wire the wire back up. Wrong! The connector was broke also. Drats! We don't know if the wire can be fixed or if the alternator shorted out form the broken wire. So we will look for a repair place tomorrow. We did go online and found some places to call tomorrow. I get so stressed out whenever something happens and then I just want to sell this RV and stay home. Well, we will see what tomorrow brings.
On a good note. We had a wonderful dinner tonight. I made baby back ribs and baked potatoes. The ribs were so good. I mix up a rub that we just love. The ribs come out so tender and full of flavor.
More fireworks are going off tonight along the river. Have not gone out to see any though.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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