Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Transplant update

So far the transplant has been a success. The alternator is charging. Tomorrow a test drive will be done and that should tell us the outcome.
It has been a terrible 13 days. So many "fixes" and then the let down. So far this has been the best result we have had. This one was done on our own also. So other than parts we did not have to pay anyone. Whew! It was getting expensive!
Today I went with Jessie and Sandy to the quilt club at Jessie's church. We tied a couple of quilts that they give out to Hospice and such. It was a good time and relaxing. When I returned Mel had everything taken care of with the alternator. Moods are much better here tonight. It was getting pretty crabby around here and it got worse each day.
Last night Jessie and LeRoy had us over for dinner. She made pea soup from scratch and it was wonderful.
The weather has turned cooler here. High the past few days has only been around 59. That is alright with me. Better than the humidity. We sleep much better also when it is cooler. We like the bedroom around 60.
Stay well, be happy and smile.

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