Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We carefully brought out of her coma. She awoke slowly. At first no sign of charging! Arghhhhhhhh! Then it happen. The needle jumped up and it was charging. Hooray! We went out for a ride. The last time we thought it was fixed it broke 12 miles down the road. So, the big test. We got on the interstate. Drove into MS. We drove about 40 miles. All is fine. We stopped at a casino and went in to have the buffet. Came back out. Started her back up. At first she did not start charging right away. Again, all of sudden she started charging. We drove home. After 80 miles it is decided that we may finally be mobile again. We were gone so long that LeRoy called to see if we were alright. Once we got back to our camp site we had quite a gathering. Seems many people were concerned about us.
We are feeling so good that we are both exhausted! It will be an early bed night.
Thanks to everyone for advice and good wishes.
Stay well, be happy and smile!


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