Friday, January 30, 2009

Suds, lunch and shopping

Oh no , It's Friday already! The days just fly by and now I will try to download my memory and see just what we did this week!
Tuesday was a work day. Time to suds my duds! After brunch I headed out to the the laundry. They only have 2 washers here so 4 loads take awhile. Took my book along. After I got the second round going I came back for the sheets I had forgotten to take off the bed. I started laundry at about 1 and got done at almost 5. Someone needs to invent the 5 minute wash and dry! I threw some potatoes in the oven and we headed off for showers. We had meal in peel for dinner then just sacked out with the tv. this was a fun day! First off Mel and LeRoy headed off to an Rv place in Hamilton to pick up parts LeRoy ordered as did Mel. They left about 8:45 in our car. At noon us "girls" ( Jessie, Sandy and Judy) planned to go to lunch. The guys also went to another rv place and got back at 11:45. We thought they would be back by 11. I think they went to the mall and went shoe shopping and just don't want to admit it. ;~o The girls headed off to Slidell to Bayou Country for lunch. This place was huge. We walked in and they had a store with all Louisiana products. That took up about 90% of the place. We finally found the cafe in the back. Ordered our lunches. I had the soup and 1/2 sandwich. Smoked chicken and a crab bisque. Oh my! That bisque was so good, and the sandwich wasn't bad either. After we ate we just had to walk around the store and shop. I picked up some goodies for gifts to bring home, along with some pralines for ME! I guess I will share a little with Mel. We all had our goodies and left so happy with our treasures. We tried to find the Barnes and Noble in Shildell but no luck. We got back around 3.
We had the leftover soup I made for dinner. I wished I had some crusty bread to go with it.
Thursday was a nothing day. We dumped tanks. Thought I would share that happy thought with you. I cleaned and vacuumed. We grilled steaks, and potatoes and also a pack of sweet potatoes. Mel loves potatoes cooked in a grill pack. I love the sweet potatoes grill packed. They were all so good.
Today, Friday, is still up in the air. I think we will go and get groceries. We leave here Monday with Dave and Sandy. We will follow them to Port Aransas,TX and camp on the beach. I will need to get groceries before we leave. I am looking forward to seeing an area we have not really been to before. A number of years ago we did got to Padre Islands while John was on spring break. We don't remember much of that trip, except John was awful sick.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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