Monday, January 19, 2009

Shrimp, campfire and dumplings

I have been doing so well at getting a walk in everyday. I am usually gone about an hour. I have been walking the 2 campgrounds here but I need to get over by the lake and check out that area. A horned owl has a home in the park and has has a baby. It is interesting to check it out daily.
Friday we did groceries. Mel also went to talk to the place that "tried" to fix the alternator for 200 plus dollars, and failed. The owner was not in. Friday night we went out to eat with both camp hosts ( LeRoy, Jessie, Sandy and Dave) also another couple from the park. (Mick and Ann) We went to Louie and the Redheaded Lady. Food was good but the service was terrible. I had AYCE shrimp. They were very good. After that the camp hosts came over for dessert. I made strawberry shortcake. We has a fun evening with much laughter.
Saturday was just another day around here. We putts around here. I went for my walk. We went over to check out the visitor center. Quite interesting. Displays on the history of the park. A man was whittling in the center. It was a small paddle. About 6 inches long. I was watching him and noticed another one laying by him. I wondered what he was making. So, I asked! I though he was making something for a display or something. He handed me the paddle and said I could have it. It was made from cypress shingles that were on a building in the park. The shingles were put on in the 30's by the CCC. The roof was replaced about a year ago. He carves different items from the shingles. I also bought a tee shirt. After dinner we went to LeRoy and Jessie's for a camp fire. Many couples attended and it was interesting to listen to the many tales.
Sunday was just a lazy day. Mel putted around doing and checking different things on the coach. I went for my walk and visited with Dave and Sandy for awhile. Our neighbors are a family traveling with there children. The dad is an insurance adjuster. They travel where ever he is needed. The children are home schooled. They worked as relief workers here after Katrina. The stories she told me are just horrible. They are leaving today and we wish them many safe travels. In the late afternoon I went over to show Jessie how to make dumplings. She has tried and tried to make them and they never turn out quite right. She made them with me showing her how we make ours. She did very well and they were delicious. She made chicken and dumplings. I had made that earlier in the week. After dinner we came home and had a quiet evening watching tv.
So goes the life of an RVer.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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