Sunday, May 3, 2009

No news

I am either very busy or just lazy. Probably just lazy. It has been over a week since I made a post.
I'll start with the meeting of John's girlfriend. We had a nice visit with them and a good dinner also. She is very nice and has a great sense of humor. We had a very nice time. Yes, Chelsea, she is Paula approved and Mel approved too. ;-)

The day before, Sunday, I took Mel to the Walk-In clinic. He was having blood in his urine for 3 days. They didn't do much about it. They did do blood tests to check his blood count and look for infection. That was alright. She did put him on blood pressure meds. On Monday we saw the urologist. He said the prostate was enlarged and pushing up into his bladder. The doctor flushed out a lot of blood and clots. He could take medication but, that would take up to 9 months to start working. Surgery would be the best option. He is scheduled for it on May 14. He has to have a regular doctor, which he did not have. He will see him for his pre-op exam. We both know more will come out of this than just the prostate. He knows he probably has high blood sugars and I suspect congestive heart failure. We will see what happens. He stopped passing blood Friday morning and now thinks he does not need the surgery. He is not liking this and does not want to see doctors. So, we will see if he follows through. Although he has to see a doctor to get his blood pressure medication. Why are men so difficult?
The rest of the week was quiet. I got the finished area of the basement cleaned and organized. Also got my laundry room cleaned up again. It sure gets messy when we get home. After I wash I make piles of what has to go back in the coach. Well, I had piles all over. I got it all in laundry baskets now and ready to go back in the coach. Now I have to clean the coach!
I went to some garage sales this week. I didn't find any real treasures though.
While visiting a neighbor she asked if I wanted something to drink. Sure. She came back and said all she had was Coke and if that was alright. Sure. I hadn't had a soda for awhile so that sounded good. She brought me a glass of soda. I was thirsty so I took a big drink. Hmm, tasted strange. I thought maybe because I had not had a soda for a while that was why. Took another drink and then it hit me.... it was diet! I can't have artificial sweeteners. I asked of it was diet. Yes,Coke Zero. I didn't drink anymore and didn't think I had enough to get my usual headache and nausea. After I got home boy did I get sick. I got the headache from hell and nausea. I would say I only had maybe 4 ounces but, it sure hit me. I was down for the rest of the day. About 3 am the headache finally left. I am in that small population of the world that has a reaction from artificial sweeteners. I was surprised that I got sick from such a small amount! I forget that not everyone knows I have this problem. I am thankful to those who do know and tell me when a cake, pie or what ever is sugar free. I guess I need to ask first.
So goes another week. How totally boring, eh?
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Red meat isn't bad for, fuzzy meat is bad for you!

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