Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just another day

The week is half over, can you believe it? I didn't even do anything exciting.
Monday I ran errands to pick up fertilizer for the flower beds. Stopped at T J Max to "look" around and walked out a little poorer. Tuesday I worked outside putting down that fertilizer, raking it in and then watering everything down good. I wish we would get a good soaking rain. Everything is so dry. Today I did my laundry, cleaned my house and made a nice dinner of ham, au gratin potatoes, and corn. John stopped in right at dinner and had a little to eat with us. He was more interested in getting to Mikey's Red Hots and getting a Chicago dog. He had stopped over to borrow a card table and chairs for a gathering he is having this week end at his apartment. I also gave him a pile of paper plates. Oh yeah, on Tuesday I also went to get groceries and stopped at Sam' Club. Came home a whole lot poorer that day.
Tomorrow I will worked outside again unless it is raining. I have a couple of hosta's that need splitting real bad. I will probably get about 12 plants form the 3 I am splitting up.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem!

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