Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wausau, WI

First I need to mention where we are......Wausau, WI.. I did that because while reading one of my blogs they said it frustrating to not know where a person is. So now that we have that cleared up....
My week has remained about the same as the past one. I finished cleaning my kitchen on Monday. I did the cupboards with Murphy's Oil and boy do they look nice. I stripped the kitchen floor and resealed it. It looks so nice. Mel had said when we bought this house we would put in laminate flooring so I did not deep clean the kitchen when we moved in. Well, the same ole flooring is still there so it finally got done. It took about 5 hours all together to do. I was really sore by the time I was done. Now everything on the main floor is clean. I will start on the basement soon..... I do need to recover some first!
On Thursday and friend Margo and I went out for lunch. We hit our usual Johanna's Tea Room. Wonderful lunch and good company too. Friday I went to the mall with my neighbor. We also went to the library for the book sale. I found some nice cookbooks and another book to a series I have been reading.
Our weather has been quite strange. Perhaps, mother nature is going through menopause or something. We have a day in the 70's and then 4 days in the 40's or 50's. We had some good ole thunderstorms the last few days. We sat out on our veranda and watched the light show last night. Lightning can be so spectacular sometimes. Today was a quiet day. I did regular housecleaning while Mel finished up working on the coach. After that we went to Sam's Club for laundry soap, gum, cheese and few other items. We came home and I made chicken breast on the grill.
This next week will be exciting. John will be bringing over his girlfriend, Sara, for us to meet. We have heard so many nice things about her and we are anxious to met her. As long as he is happy, that is all that matters. We will have a cook out. Hamburgers, brats, homemade coleslaw and homemade beans, peachy ice cream jello and lemon fluff. A number off years ago I found a recipe for KFC coleslaw and tried it. It was just like KFC coleslaw! Anyway, lets hope for good weather.
So that brings another week to a close.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Everytime I say the word "diet", I wash my mouth out with chocolate!

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