Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! How was your day? Mine was great! I slept in. (till 9) Mel got us a Sunday paper and breakfast. I sat around reading the paper in my jammies. About noon I decided I had better get cleaned up and dressed. John came over at 2:00. He brought Sara's motorcycle over for us to see. He and Mel gave me a gift card for a one hour massage at my favorite spa! I will need that after this week is over. Then they took me out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I cheated the whole day on my meals. It was great, but, tomorrow it is back to the veges, fruit and fiber. Oh brother! John stayed till almost 6. His friend Jeff from work stopped by also while he was here. We had a good time visiting with them.

The week went by so fast. I did my Curves everyday. I go first thing in the morning. Then the rest of the day is mine. It was not an exciting week. I did go to some garage sales. I found some items that John was needing for camping. Sara wanted some bamboo shades and I found them. Chelsea, a friend of John's needed shorts for her son. That was the most difficult item to find. Every sale I went to had lots of girl clothes. Girl clothes, girl toys everything girl! I called Chelsea and told her if she wanted a girl next time, she needed to move across town. It has to be in the water! Shortly after calling her I hit upon a sale that had boy clothes and in the right size and best of all FREE. It was picked over but I did manage to find some shorts the right size. So with my list complete I went home.

Saturday I had lunch with a friend, Sondra. It was so nice to see her and catch up with her life. Afterwards Lois and I went plant shopping. I picked up the plants I needed to make my hanging baskets and some of my planters. Later John and Sara stopped by to pick up the shades for her patio.

This week is going fly by. Mel has his pre-op appointment tomorrow, along with blood work and an EKG. The garden club plant sale is the end of this week. I need to go help set up Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. Thursday is Mel's surgery. Friday Mel will come home from the hospital. I hope he is not to uncomfortable. It will be a stressful time but we will get through it. I will need that massage once this all over.

That's all for now.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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