Saturday, January 9, 2010


I bet you were wondering when I was going to update this blog. So was I! I am getting lazy I guess. Since being back at Fountainebleau we have been busy catching up with friends.
So now I will start from the beginning. Some of it is fuzzy but I will try to sweep the fuzzy out.
We left home on December 2 at 8:30a.m.. Believe it or not we were up before 10. We headed south on I39/51. We decided to take a different route, so , once into IL., we made a left turn and headed toward IN.. The sun was shinning, traffic was good, we were warm and things were going great. We pulled into the 1st rest area in we could make something to eat and it all fell apart. Not literally. As we slowed we noticed the coach would surge. It keep doing this. We tried speeding up the idle but it would not stop. Mel went out to the rest area and talked to a trucker who told him about a CAT (our engine ) place in Indianapolis. We called John and had him go on the internet and get a phone number. Mel called and talked to them. They would send a tow truck if we needed it. We had to call our road service first to see if they would pay for it. Called them, and no, they only pay to tow to the closest repair facility. They gave Mel some numbers for places that were closer. One did not do repairs and the other was closing for the day. Mel decided to see if we would start and if the problem was still there. It started and was running perfect. He called Indianapolis back and got directions. We headed out for the 75 miles to Indianapolis. The problem came back and it was running really, and I mean really, bad by the time we got there.They had us pull in to the back of the building. It was about 10 p.m. by then. We went to get something to eat. At about 1a.m. they hooked the coach up to the computer. Nothing! They had pull it into the building so they could do more diagnostic stuff. Time moves very slow and so do repair men. Around 5 a.m. they "think" they have the problem but can not put parts in until the lead guy comes in at 6:30 a.m.. Mean while, we are in this waiting room, an ugly waiting room, and no sleep. At 6:30 the lead come in along with a new crew. Something about a fuel valve and something else. It takes until 9:30 get everything done, and we still have not had any sleep. We pay the bill. Dang, labor is expensive! Most of the bill. We head out and drive about 30 miles. Pull into a Flying J travel center, park and fall into bed.We awoke about 4 p.m.. We ate something, watched Survivor and went back to bed. In the morning we headed south again. We are purring like a kitten.

Can you believe I wrote this about a week ago. We have been here for almost 2 weeks and I am having a hard time finding the time to write. Almost daily someone from last year pulls in and then it is a group get together and which means we are all going out to dinner. We are eating out way to often. The seafood here is awfully good.
We plan to leave here Monday and head west. We just might make Arizona. I do not know when we will have WIFI again. When I do I will try to finish telling you about our trip so far.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Wow! That was some adventure. Hey, adventures can be bad too. Where is Fountainbleau?