Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The trip

In my last blog I said I would not bore you with details of our summer. I got a comment from Ron and Barbara that I we traveled and I should write about it. OK!
Towards the end of August we ventured up to the north woods of Minnesota. The camp hosts from Fountainebleau live in Gilbert,MN. They had visited us in July and invited us up to see them. We traveled so we would go through Ladysmith, so we could also stop and see Roger and Delores. We also met them at Fountainebleau last winter and then we saw them again at Potter's Creek in Texas. We stopped but they were not home. We did leave a note for them. Since we are rolling in the dough (haha) we decided this trip we would stay at the high class campgrounds. (Walmart) We made it to Rice Lake, found the Walmart, parked for the night. Another man was also parked there. He was in his 80's, traveling with his dog. His wife does not want to travel, so he goes by himself.
In the morning we headed north on Hwy 53 to our next stop... Walmart, Superior,WI.. We arrived quite early in the afternoon. Mel went and asked if it was alright to park for the night, as we always do. We explored the town by car. Also drove into Duluth and did some exploring. We had found a farmer's market so we picked up some vegetables and headed back to the coach. After dinner we rented a movie,Grand Torino, from the Redbox in the Walmart. Good movie. In the morning we got fuel, propane, and dumped our tanks and hit the road. As we driving and about to turn back on to Hwy 2 Mel mentioned that the coach in front of us was really leaning to the right. As that coach turned onto hwy 2 it hit me.. that was Ron and Barbara form the blog I read...."The Road Less Traveled"! WOW! We got into the left lane as they were about to turn right we passed them,and sure enough it was them. I waved but I don't know if they saw it. Onward we went to Gilbert,MN.. This was our longest day of driving,almost 2 hours. Can we do it? We arrived in time for lunch. We stayed at LeRoy and Jess's house for 4 days and had a wonderful time. They took us all over and showed the mining in the area. They both worked at the mines. Jess only a few years but if I remember right LeRoy worked the mines until his retirement. Everyplace we went they were known. Even 50 miles form there house! Jess took us to see her friend, Ila's, flower gardens. Beautiful. They were so beautiful that I forgot to take pictures. Ila gave me some seeds pods form some of her poppies. Thank you Ila. Ila and her husband,Charles, also met us for a fish fry on Friday night. I know one thing for sure... people up in northern Minnesota sure do eat a lot. If they aren't drinking coffee, they are eating. We have never seen nor eaten so much in our whole lives. In fact when we left on Saturday, we did not eat until that night. The day we left them we drove all the way to Ladysmith. Whew! That was a long one. We took a different route back and discovered thrift shops that we stopped at. We spent the night at the Pamida storein Ladysmith. We did not know they had a Walmart. In the morning we stopped back to see Roger and Delores. They were home! Delores just had a knee replacement done. OUCH! She is doing well. We visited for over an hour then headed back home. We probably would of stayed out on the road longer but On Friday I got a call that my uncle had passed out and was in the hospital. He passed out at the car wash. When I went to get his car and keys the lady said he just fell backwards. He cracked his head pretty good. Had stitches. He has a history of heart failure and that is what happened. On Tuesday he had a pacemaker/defibrillator put in. On Wednesday he had to go back in because a wire came lose. He agreed to go to a rehab for a few weeks before going home. I am so thankful for that.
Ok, that was our trip and the excitement that followed. Boring, eh?

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Barbara and Ron said...

That's better. And obviously I had the wrong RV since you did have your car. We're going to have to look into the leaning problem. It seems that if we're on a crowned road or are turning a corner, it leans more than it should. However on a nice flat spot, it's okay. Always something.