Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th and we hope you did also.
We were invited up to a friends home on Lake Nokomis in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. We had not seen there new home yet so this was exciting. They have a lovely home. The weather was perfect. Shortly after we arrived 2 other couples came. After introductions the pontoon was loaded with coolers and food and away we went.
Our hosts: Jeff and Patty

We cruised our way around the lake and about half way we docked on a sandy shore and pulled out all the goodies that were brought along. We had enough hord de orves for 20 people! We ate well. The usual cheese, crackers, sausage, ham roll ups and we also had shrimp. Lots of shrimp. Everything was so good. After we packed the food away, we were off again to finish our trip around the lake. We were on the lake for almost 5 hours. We did run into some loonies though.

Our day was finished off sitting out on the deck waiting for the sun to set and then watching the fireworks.

It was very relaxing day and a good time was had by all.

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Barbara and Ron said...

We do remember seeing you. We were a bit distracted because we had just missed the turn to the Moose Lodge, but Ron said somebody was waving. When I looked back I saw a Safari, but no toad. You didn't lose it, did you? :-D

Interesting about the rig listing. I follow in the car sometimes and never noticed. I hope it's not just when I'm in the passenger seat. We'll check it out. Thanks