Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a day!

The storms have finally passed. We have had heavy rains and bad storms since wednesday night and it is so good that they are gone now. We had a lovely day with lots of sunshine, a light breeze and much less humid conditions. The high today was around 71 and 41% humidity.
Sandy, Jessie and I went over to the farmers market at the trailhead in Mandeville. Not as many vendors as last week and mostly jewelry, crafts and made up food stuffs. I did buy a Raspberry Haberno jelly. Jessie and I split a volcano...which is a bread bowl filled with a filling of shrimp, crawfish, spinach in a light cheese white sauce. It was quite tasty.
Later, Sandy and I went down to Lakeshore Drive and did our walk along the walkway by Lake Ponchatrain. It was very windy but we found the new area a fun place to walk. The homes are huge and quite expensive. After our walk we just had to go to McDonalds and get a sundae. ( Sandy's idea... honest!)
Mel and I sat outside for a while today and just enjoyed the wonderful day.
I made potatoes and steaks on the grill for dinner. After dinner I went and washed rugs. Tomorrow I will do the rest of the laundry and clean. I also need to pack things away since we will leave here on Monday. We will be starting the trip home. YEAH! I am homesick I will admit. I do not think I would make a good full timer at this. I miss my family and friends to much.
It is so wonderful to not have the air conditioner running. ( and quiet too)
I will try to do another post tomorrow before we do not have internet again.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

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