Sunday, March 22, 2009

Memories? Can I remember?

If you think I can remember every little detail from the past 8 weeks, you are reading the wrong blog!

We left Fountainebleau State Park on Feb 2 and returned here March 15. How is that? The in between stuff is a fog!

We stayed at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles,LA. for 2 nights. Why? I dunno know! Sandy and I made a fleece tied blanket. We went out to eat at BBQ place but I can't remember the name. It was good though. We tried the dirty rice and it was spicey hot!, but so good. On Thursday the 5th we dorve to Port Lavaca,TX. Cute little town on the gulf. We stayed at the city park. Price went up from 18/night to 30/night! Whoa! While at Sam Houston Jones SP we noticed our water heater was not working all the time. Hmmm. When we got to Port Lavaca a moble rv repair truck was next door. Mel went over to talk to the man. He came and tested the board and found it was bad. For 100.00 we got a new board installed and we were good to go. It was very windy at Port Lavaca. Sandy and I took a walk out on the pier and almost got blown away.

Friday it was on to Port Aransas. We waited 45 minutes or more to load the ferry. Hard to believe they take us big rv's across. I saw a semi come off one also. Once across it was on to the beach we went. Dave and Sandy noticed that the beach sand was much softer than usual. Hmm. I think you know what is coming ...right? We pulled out onto the beach after paying and getting our permit. Another Safari was on the beach just like ours only 2 years older. Shortly after getting set up a Class B pulled up by us and sunk into the sand ! We did manage to get him pushed out. It was nice when we arrived... sun shining and not to windy. We saw this new Fleetwood coach pull onto the beach. He came in quite fast and stopped quite fast. Although we did not think to much about it till about an hour later when we saw it was sunk down to his frame. Boy, was he sunk! The guy from the other Safari worked for 4 hours trying to dig him out. He would dig and then make a path out of logs. He would back up onto the logs and then sink again. He would do this over and over. Of course the local young guys were watching all this and just waiting for the chance to pull the guy out. For $500.00! They said a tow truck would charge anywhere from $1000.00 to $1200.00. Geez, lets rip off the tourists!at about 6:00 pm the guy finally gave him and had the local boys pull him out. They brought a huge, I mean huge rope. Attached it to the back of the coach. Took off his mud flap. They got the rope tight...then on 3 he pulled the coach out with his pick up truck. It came out so slick. The guy drove his coach right in the campground behind the dunes of the beach. He paid the kid the $500.00. Later we learned that the kid could not charge the man because he had no business license, no insurance to tow ans was a legal contractor for the park. The guy that got pulled out also called a local tow company and found out he would of only charged him $250.00. Seems many people get taken by these local boys that get stuck on the beach. Oh yeah, and guys wife sat in the tow car the whole time drinking beer and getting totally wasted!

Weather changes and boy did it. The next morning the winds had picked up. If we wanted to be outside we had to sit behind the coach out of the wind. Not just wind but salty, sandy wind. We decided it was time to get off the beach. The sands were shifting, people getting stuck and I did not want to take the chance of getting stuck. We got off the beach and went into the campground behind the dunes. The whole time we were at Port Aransas it was windy. We washed the car almost daily just so we could see out of it. We went out to a place called Moby Dicks for dinner one night. We had shrimp that were huge!, and so good. Sandy and I went on the hunt for sand dollars one morning. We found a few small ones. We noticed a lady a head of us with a bunch of big ones that she and her husband were picking up. We still had fun and a good time. We left the island on Tuesday Feb 10. We drove to just north of San Antonio to a rest area for the night. We had bad storms go around us. Heavy rain and small hail. Although we washed the car again before we left the island, we had sand that washed out of the car form somewhere in the morning after the storm. In the morning we headed to a COE park north west of New Braunfels called Potter's Creek. I love this park. We got a nice site. Weather was nice, no wind! we sat outside until we decided we had best wash the coach. It had salty sand all it also. We washed, cleaned windows and rinsed off the car again. We went for a drive around the park. While driving through the 2nd loop we saw that Roger and Delores were there! We had met them at Fountainebleau State Park in January. We had a nice visit with them. While in the area we drove to Lockhart to go to Smitty's BBQ. Smitty's is on the food network and also in Forbes magazine, we are told. It was interesting and good. We also went to the outlet mall in San Marco's. Hugh outlet mall. Roger and Delores came over a few times to visit while they were at the park. They left a day before us. They were starting their trek home. Roger wanted to be home by March 1 to make maple syrup.
Next we went to Lake Georgetown and to COE Jim Hogg Park. We didn't do anything real exciting the week or so we were there that I can remember.
Onto Lake Sommerville in Sommerville, TX. Another COE park. Not much around in this area. Drove to College Station for groceries and also saw the George Bush Library! Not a whole lot of excitement here either.
March 1 we went to Cagle Rec area in the Sam Houston Nat'l Forest. What a beautiful park! We had full hook ups. (50 amp, water and sewer) We also got 1/2 price with Mel's Golden Age Passport. (10.00/night for us) We stayed for 10 days and loved every minute of it. We drove into Houston one day and had lunch. Traveled around the area. Got a haircut in Conroe. On day while driving back to the campground we came around a curve and saw smoke. Lots of smoke! Like forest fire smoke. My heart fell down to my toes. The closer we got the more smoke we saw. It appeared to be coming from the campground. I was about in tears when we saw the sign that told us it was prescribed burn and once we made the last curve we saw it was on the other side of the main road from us. WHEW! Let me tell you... we had a rush and almost a heart attack when we first saw that smoke.
After 10 days we went the Sam Rayburn COE park. Spring breakers had the park almost full. We got one of the last 2 sites. That was luck. We stayed for 2 nights. It was another one that out in the middle of no where. We left and drove to Orange ,Tx.. We got a WIFI signal at a Flying J truck stop. We checked into sites available at Fountainebleau. It was booked for the next 3 nights. We made a reservation for Sunday March 15. We stayed at the Flying J that night. (Thursday)The next day(Friday) we drive to Gonzales, La and stayed at the Walmart. YIPPEE! On Saturday we drove to Hammond, LA and stayed in another Walmart. These last 2 nights were quite humid and rainy. We could not open the windows and we had no electric. We could of started the generator but being in a parking lot we were not comfortable with that. Although we did start it in the morning for a short period of time. Finally it was Sunday and on to Fountainebleau State Park. We got registered and into the campground we went. Jes and LeRoy were quite surprised to see us. As we turned the corner to get to our site I looked and could not believe it... there was Dave and Sandy! (the people we went to port aransas with) What a surprise! We got parked and settled. Lots of hugs form everyone. We talked a while and then I had to get into the shower. After dinner we went over to LeRoy and Jess's to sit around a campfire. This was just like coming home! We had a quite week just veging out and visiting with friends. Us girls did a get away day. We went to craft and farmers market and to Cafe de Monde for bienets.
Today, Friday, March 27 Mel and I drove to Madisonville and went to the Maritime museum. Had a great time.
So now you are up to date and I am exhausted and have a headache. We plan to leave here Monday, March 30 and start our trek home. I want to be home by the 5th.
Stay well, be happy and smile!

Oh by the way.. I have removed the music from the blog.

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